I know I shouldn’t have to warn people every time, especially when I title this segment the way I do; but I just feel like if I don’t, I could be robbing someone of the chance to watch something great (specifically in this case) with childlike innocence… or something. So yeah, anyway; if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you may want to skip this post altogether until you do. For those of you that did see it….Holy drama, right?

While I think that they could have gotten away with an hour and a half of show time and still gotten everything across that they needed to, I’m glad the show was as long as it was. We don’t get to see it again for another nine months or so (seriously, I have no idea what I’m going to do with my Tuesday nights anymore).

The show begins with Jax sitting on Opie’s grave writing to Abel and Thomas. Letting them know that whatever happens. he did it for them. Now we spend the next hour or so waiting for his to kill their mother. I mean, she’s had it coming for most of the season!

Tara, after taking a detour en route to Witness Protection, decides that she is in fact going to betray the man that’s been there for her from day one and calls to let the police know she’ll be there to turn Jax and the rest of the MC in after she talks to her lawyer to make sure all the ducks are in order (for like the third time, because she apparently doesn’t listen). Big mistake, sweetheart. Obviously Jax was gonna track you down sooner or later – You took his kids!

While I’m sure some people thought he was gonna gun her down right there in front of those boys, some knew better. What I’m sure most of us didn’t see coming happened next – Jax decides he’s gonna turn himself in for the kid with the gun in the beginning of the season instead, so that Tara can go wherever she pleases with the boys (without the police funding the trip so she couldn’t go too far). Patterson thinks this is a fair trade and goes off to get the paperwork, leaving Jax until 6pm to spend some time with the boys and get all his ducks in order.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this review!