The biggest night in a woman’s life is the honeymoon night. Regardless whether she has already slept with her man before they tied the knot in official matrimony, the honeymoon night still draws excitement to a woman, and likewise to a man.

As much as a couple spends so much time and energy to prepare for a wedding, a woman about to get married needs to prepare as well to ensure that her honeymoon would be thriving on romance and passion all throughout.

A man does not need to prepare anything because he knows what he wants during honeymoon and would do everything he needs to get it.

So the responsibility of enhancing romance on honeymoon night falls on the woman, the effort of turning up the heat and making the first night together as a married couple very memorable and pleasurable too.

Lingerie That Will Steam Up Your Honeymoon

The Key is in the Lingerie

It’s not a secret that the key to turning the heat a notch higher during honeymoon night is for a woman to have that perfect and distinct underwear that can arouse her husband’s senses.

You should consider spending time to look for captivating nighties for honeymoon to go with several pieces of sexy lingerie. Those would go a long way in ensuring that you will have a sexy, romantic, passionate, and memorable first night with your husband as an officially married couple.

Consider wearing the nightie to initially camouflage the sexy lingerie and then pick the right time to show it to him in all its perfect glory and splendour. You will not just surprise him; your gesture will grasp his fancy and sexual fantasies which would eventually lead to steamy night all the way for the two of you to bask in. You can purchase such honeymoon lingerie in India “online”.

Adding a Touch of Romance

But if you’re the type who likes to give an entire program of romance to your husband on honeymoon night, you may want to consider these suggestions to raise the level of heat and passion on your bedroom all the more:

  • Load up your bedroom with flowers or rose petals or anything fragrant
  • Put the dimmer on, or better yet, use scented candles in your bedroom for honeymoon night
  • A glass of wine would be good too
  • Put the glam on by looking and smelling good
  • Wear the nightie over the sexy lingerie
  • If you have the guts, you may consider private dancing in front of your husband
  • Keep the romantic music on in the bedroom
  • Show off the sexy lingerie at the exact time 

It is likely that by the time you reach the point of showing off the sexy lingerie to your husband, he must be already holding himself far too long to let loose the heat, the passion and the romance that you contributed in building up inside him.

It is important to note however that while the honeymoon night is very important indeed for you to make the first impression on your husband, it does not hurt to occasionally do the same and wear nightie and sexy lingerie every now and then to keep the romance, passion and love burning all the time in your married life.