Madonna is a pop legend popularly known for her constant reappearance with performances. She is well known for hits like “Papa don’t preach”, “vogue”, “like a prayer”, “ray of light” and “secret”. She was born in Bay city, Michigan in 1958. She started doing her solo music in 1981 and successfully made it to the top in the male dominated by then music industry. Madonna made up to 21 top hits in the US while selling over 70 million albums across the world. With this kind of achievement, Forbes magazine announced her as the richest female musician in the world in the beginning of 2008.

Madonna and Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna is known for her world tours including the Rebel Heart Tour, which is the most epic. During the pope’s visit to the states, thousands of people congregating at Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which is just a few miles from the Americas most popular ex-Catholics center Wells Fargo. Madonna uses a big cross as a stripper pole and twists around it as a repeat of the last supper table setting and mourns a “Yeezus loves my pussy best”. “Popey-wopey is on his way over” and later says “I think he is stalking me”. Her rebel tours and concerts gets the north Americas entertainment arena packed to the brim featuring her gleefully blasphemous moments. The Rebel Heart Tour is the most of extravagant stage shows Madonna hosts. It is a two-hour cast that features samurai warriors, gypsies, rockability kids playing around a body shop, matadors and dangerous dance routines on enormously swaying poles and a grand finale in a 1920’s Paris café setting. You can get tickets to watch this show that kicked off on September 9th at secondary sources to witness this most epic and extravagant Madonna show.

The logistics of putting together all needed for the show is nothing you can overlook. The chief costume designer notes 500 pairs of shoes with 450 costumes. He says that every day rehearsing looks like a no possibility. It takes the 20 back up dancers up to three n=months with a daily 14 hour six days in a week to prepare with Madonna herself besides them. The tour head choreographer makes a joke of how impossible the things they as for are. He compares it to riding a nun like a surfboard. All of which she (Madonna) tries to avail.

Madonna talks about the panic that comes with finishing the record. She says that she does not prepare for the show, which is unlike her. She did not get to sit down and draw a plan on how to go round it.

About her goals and when she started to prepare for the show, Madonna says that her goals are constant; taking people along the journey. She targets exploring themes and because her shows are as big as a soccer match entertainment, she targets interfering with every participants mind and sense. Standing on stage to sing isn’t just enough for Madonna. She says that she is more visual than vocal. Dance takes a better part of her than singing.

Madonna targets transporting the audience to another place fir the whole two hours, which is exhibited in her dances, moves, costumes and rebel talk.