What are the defining traits of masculine sexiness? The people have parameters. Apparently, the People magazine has some sort of system also. Perhaps, they take out an in-house vote or something like that! Maybe, they look up reigning online and TV trends, and ask warm, cozy questions to men and women they know. Supposedly, they have some kind of system comparing different aspects like the bank balance, the handsomeness, the style sense, the gait, and the voice. Most importantly, he must be a deep stirring in the hearts of admirers, men and women. This year, the magazine passed on the crowning glory of the sexiest male alive to Adam Levine. Following the choice of the People, TV show ‘the Voice’ made the announcement public to the fans.

At the show, Levine sat at the right of Blake Shelton. Well, their presence together had some deep (sexy) meaning, thanks to what Blake revealed at an interview last year. When the interviewer from the entertainment network asked Blake about his feelings on Levine, he was quite not so (straight)forward in being forthcoming. The country singer, married happily to second wife Miranda Lambert from 2011, spoke plainly in proclaiming how bad he wanted to kiss Levine. He went forward to add that he does not care whether it is mutual or not! Is something going on, Blake in planning forceful intrusion?

Blake, in fact, used the word. He admitted Levine being so sexy that he stole his thunder. He even softly accused Levine of causing his drinking problem. He confessed that he needed to drink heavily because he had to compensate his loss (of thunder). Levine did not have much of an objection though, as he was seen blushing. Let the reader decide the metaphorical implications of Blake’s thunder. It must be something very vigorous because the honey-vines were again abuzz a few days ago with rumors that Blake was cheating on Miranda as he flirted with blonde actress Lindsay Sporrer. The couple even uploaded a mutual photo on Instagram from Usher’s birthday celebration!

Carson Daly, The Voice host had a hard copy of the November 19 issue of the People. It was an emotional moment as Daly asked Levine whether he knew about the announcement. Adam was blushing again when Carson Daly took the authority to present the new sexy man in town. The crown passes on from Channing Tatum, who was the sexiest one in 2012. This brings in Levine and Tatum to the league of other sexy male honoraries like Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and George Clooney.    

The handy list had other names too. Idris Elba, star of Thor 2, and a freelancing Olympic trainer (apparently), came at the second position in the list. Another country star, Luke Bryan had the honor to be the third sexiest man of 2013. Other names in the list included Bruno Mars at number 5, Justin Timberlake at number 7, and Pharrell Williams at number 9. Blake Shelton did not make it to the list though.