Miley Cyrus is one very lucky girl. The Wrecking Ball singer is one of the most well known celebs at the moment. With her risqué videos and twerkaholism, almost everyone knows who this girl is now.

But she’s hardly a girl anymore. She just recently celebrated her 21st birthday, making her legal everywhere. With all her fame, you’d assume she’d want to ditch her family to go and hang out with her friends on what is supposed to be one of her most memorable birthdays. And, while she very likely did go out drinking and grinding with her friends, she also chose to celebrate with her family.

So what does a father get for the daughter that has everything, including fame? Well, if you’re Billy Ray, you get her a Can-Am Spyder ST bike.

A spyder is a three wheeled vehicle. People argue over whether it’s classified as a motorcycle or an all terrain vehicle, but either which way you look at it, this thing is cool. In most places, you need an “M” class license to take it on the road, which we’re sure Miley has, but this type of vehicle definitely has more stability than its two wheeled counterpart.

The bike features two wheels in the front and one in the back, which makes it almost impossible to tip over. Years ago, there was a three wheel all terrain vehicle in production that used to feature two wheels in the back and one in the front, but there were too many accidents with them and so they were pulled off the market. Many people that used to ride those vehicles have found that they enjoy the ride they get on the Spyder much more.

So how much did Billy Ray spend on this vehicle for his princess? Only $25 000! Not bad when you consider he had it customized with some artwork for her. She even got a matching helmet!

The stars’ wonderful parental unit also got her a $2200 teepee that was custom made with artwork tailored for her. It’s a 22-foot Lakota-Sioux style teepee. The family had one made for Billy Ray years ago and they really liked it so they decided to have one made for their daughter as well to celebrate this coming-of-age moment. “She used elements we have and used them in different and creative ways” a source said.

A very lucky girl, indeed. Wonder what she’ll get next year.