Fashion & You:

The Fashion week is on, so are the freaky fashion maniacs. Fashion is not just a word, it is a style statement coupled with the attitude. The more you are bold in your fashion, the more it is elegant. Hence this Fall/winter indulge yourself with the chill pill smoothies and a little splashy shade that adds spice to your attitude.

New York Fashion:

New York leads the fashion trends this season and the fashion week continues from today followed by London and other trendy cities which ends in Paris-the ultimate fashion destination. The press and the print media play a vital role in bridging the designers and the buyers.

The fashion week started with “The Mercedes Fashion week” which provides a great breakthrough for the designers as well the models who flaunt their haute couture. The designers bring the latest trends with a hundreds of combinations such as Collars, floral, mini floral, animal prints, brocade, skirts, etc. that are in fashion always. The New York city is filled with talented and creative designers like Esteban Cortazar, Dion Lee, Oliver Rousteing, Jerome Lamar, Yang Li, Katie Ermilio, Kaelen Haworth, Alexander Wang, Thomas Tait, and many more who gets inspired by music sometimes, by hues sometimes and by the fabric many times.

Shop Smart:

Anything that is trendy comes with a price tag. Brands bring elegance in the attitude. As New York is emerging as the fashion destination, more and more designers are relocating around the American cities. There are number of designers around who caters to different class of people, therefore find your designer and shop smart.

New York Is Leading The Fashion Trends This Fall

The Fashion Myth:

Myth: Fashion is just for the skinny ones.

The above statement is completely a myth. Can you cut-off those fatty bellies, love handles that overflow, those stretchy arm plump, according to the fashion? No, but there is a way to hide by dressing to look thin, as it becomes difficult to look like skinny models who ramp walk. Instead choose the pattern, fabric that suits you to avoid the criticism and choose wisely the accessories that spice up your fashion all time.

Hit the Destination:

Visiting New York in the Fashion week or to find a career in the fashion industry, all you need is the “United States Work Visa”. There are different types of work visa available according to the purpose and the work tenure. Simply follow the embassy or consulate procedure to obtain the visa on time and gear up to enjoy the fashion world.

Lastly, bring out the Fashion in You:

There is no fixed trend in fashion, sometimes wearing socks with sandals become fashion or sometimes the flip-flops. They keep changing every day that is why they are called fashion. So come out-of the monochrome zone and dress this summer with some wild splashy hues because all you need is a good sun block cream, a trendy goggle to beat the heat and stay hydrated as beauty and fashion goes hand-in hand. There is no ideal fashionista as even the red carpets have hit fashion disasters, so wear your fashion crown and walk proudly because whatever you are – is what fashion is.