This week saw the entry of reclusive NSA analyst Ellie Bishop in Grigg’s NCIS team. Played by the (mysterious in real life) Emily Wickersham, Ellie Bishop entered fluently in the investigation system of NCIS. The ‘Gut Check’ episode introduces Ellie to the team as an analyst of the NSA who (quite mysteriously) predicted a security breach protocol in a white paper a few years ago. The breach followed the inadvertent possession of a bugged pen by the Secretary of the Navy. The security service immediately went into their jobs, trying to get to the core of the breach. Searching everywhere, they happen to stumble upon the white paper by the NSA analysts that kind of foretells the security threat.

So, trying to leverage her understanding in the matter, special agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and supervisory agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) travel over to the NSA to discuss the matter. However, quite coincidentally, just when Gibbs and Tony were busy consulting Ellie, the breach recurs. The supervisory agent wastes no time in sensing the signs and immediately offers Ellie to work together in solving the case.

The ‘Gut Check’ was a perfect episode in keeping up the thrill and facilitating the swift blending of Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Bishop into America’s most favorite investigation team. The show has around 20 million viewers! The episode also had some quirky, intelligent lines, paving the path for Bishop to blend with the team. There was one particularly great moment when Bishop exclaims that the things do not make any sense. Tony replies in quick wit, referring Russel Crowe, and telling Ellie that had her beautiful mind not got her into enough trouble for a day?

Ellie’s first impressions in the team show that her style of work is mostly independent. So, in the beginning she maintains a certain aloof isolation. However, as she enters into the Navy Yard and meets her colleagues, she gets directly into the analysis of the security breach. She looks over the strategic protocols, and the various documents pertaining to the case, sitting crosslegged with perfect nonchalance. She is passionate in presenting her perspectives to the argument, and does not always concede to the views of the veteran agents. This gets her into a little hot water, but eventually the obstacles dissolve and the communications become impressively collaborative.

A most interesting aspect about Emily Wickersham is her penchant in maintaining a secretive personal life despite being in the showbiz. She has some very mysterious connections in real life as well, making her much of an enigma. Not much information is available about her, except the fact that she is a married woman. However, details on her age, her hometown and family are unavailable. Reports indicate that she married Rocker Blake Hanley of Ghost Lion in 2010. However, she likes to document her life through photos and is a huge fan of Instagram. She finds the time to post daily updates I n her twitter profile, mostly pictures. She appeared in ‘Gone’ with Amanda Seyfried. At the premiere of ‘Gone’ she revealed that she had a fear of getting kidnapped as a child. Well, now one can hope that as the brilliant analyst Ellie, she would get into the depths of the system to find the truth and fight crime.