Paul Walker, 40, who was best known for his role in The Fast and the Furious franchise, passed away tragically on Saturday afternoon when the vehicle that he was in – A Porsche Carrera GT that was being driven by a friend of the actor named Roger Rodas – crashed into a tree and then burst into flames, killing both men. People that witnessed the accident tried everything they could to get the two men out of the vehicle; even going so far as using fire extinguishers to try and douse the flames, but it was no use. The car essentially exploded.

The autopsies on both bodies will be done today, which will give us the exact cause of death for both men. The coroner is also hopeful that he will be able to positively identify both bodies now that he has the dental records of both men – The bodies were so badly burned from the explosion that dental records are required.

While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, many speculators are blaming the vehicle more than the driver for this tragedy, and they may not be wrong. When the Porsche Carrera GT was released to dealers, Porsche sent out a warning to all the dealerships warning them to not let just anyone drive the vehicle due to its hypersensitivity. Porsche themselves described the vehicle as having “all the disadvantages of a racecar”, going on to say “This vehicle cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side.” While Roger Rodas was indeed an experienced driver, it doesn’t matter if the road conditions weren’t ideal. The smallest thing can send these vehicles into frenzy. Is that what happened here? Only time will tell. Police are saying that speed was also a factor and some people speculate that Walker and Rodas were racing at the time the accident happened.

Mr. Walker was known for his work with charities and had just left an event for his own foundation – Reach Out Worldwide, not long before the accident happened. Friends and family are going to do everything they can to make sure the foundation stays alive. The charity exists to help with the Philippines typhoon relief effort which was a cause that was very close to Mr. Walker’s heart.

He leaves behind a 15 year old daughter named Meadow, whom he was looking forward to getting to know better.