American Idol champ and country singer Kelly Clarkson recently announced that she is going to be a mother soon. Apparently, Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock were trying very hard to start a family, and the results are out four weeks into the marriage! They tied the knot at a fairytale cozy ceremony in Tennessee on October 20. This announcement follows her hints on the Tonight Show a couple of weeks ago. Her confession to Leno was sweet, very sweet in fact when she explained coyly that the couple were trying and trying like ‘rabbits’. Shortly prior to her wedding, she proclaimed to the US Weekly that she wants babies, and lots of them! Well, it seems that Kelly Clarkson always gets what she wishes. The overjoyed country singer exclaimed that this is the best early Christmas gift she could expect!

The wedding was perfect for the couple. The couple first met in 2012. Interestingly, Blackstock’s father Narvel is the manager to Kelly. Kelly did not give a second thought to marrying her manager’s son, but the groom did have some concerns. Reportedly, junior Blackstock was very nervous at how his father would accept the relationship. When he was shaky and indecisive, Kelly stood by her in strong support when she declared that they were adults enough to decide on their lives.

The 31 year old singer later revealed that in her head she already married Blackstock before he was even ready. She was just not ready to let go her Mr. Right whom she met after seven ‘pathetic’ and ‘lonely’ years. The singer seems quite at ease with the voices in her head as she declared that she is ‘manifesting’ a little baby girl and she is going to have her! She even told the guests that when she is going to be a mother, they would all go gasping, “Aww…she knew it.”

The singer also revealed that she had been waiting for Blackstock through all her failed relationships in the last seven years. However, she was not much of a girlfriend to anyone else, as she only had three boyfriends before meeting Blackstock. She described her past relationships as checkered. Two of her past boyfriends were ‘good fits’ and good men, but one of them was a ‘real stinker’. Clarkson made things even though because he wrote about this third guy, sang on him, and churned a lot of money in the process.

The singer is on a roll nowadays. Recently, she even turned down an offer to be the judge at American Idol because of her tour commitments with Maroon 5. People are taking notice, and magazines are keen to explore her exuberance. At a recent interview, she also talked about being ‘fat’. Clarkson joked that she had no other reason to explain this undue attention except the fact that everyone was being a ‘jerk’. In the same breath, the singer also revealed that the prospects of gaining pregnancy weight do not bother her. The diva explained her secret to popularity in setting low standards so that there is not much of a pressure of expectation from fans. She has around 9 million followers at the microblogging social media.