Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has broken the barriers of Samsung’s innovation. The new phone is one of the most unusual Android smartphone of Samsung because of its bent display.

In the performance the display of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge shows the similar results as of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But the maximum brightness amounted to 219.28 cd / m 2, much lower than its older brother 390 cd / m 2. In principle, under normal conditions and using adaptive brightness option, the differences are slight but yes it misses more light when sunlight falls directly on the screen when used outdoors.

Regarding the contrast level of the screen Galaxy Note Edge, as usual in the brand, is very high. In this case reaches 2349: 1. If we talk about definition, Note Edge has a pixel density of 525 ppi, a figure that makes this smartphone in one of the sharpest market despite matrix display panel shows the Diamond Pixel format in which bases the PenTile technology. On this occasion, and as we saw in the Galaxy Note 4, the high resolution screen Galaxy Note Edge leads to blurring was perceived in previous Pentile brand models, is virtually invisible to the human eye.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A Perfect Display Smartphone

The Note Edge is governed by a Snapdragon 805, the newest and most powerful quad-core processor of Qualcomm Company that operates at a clock speed of up to 2.7 GHz. In performance tests the Galaxy Note Edge achieves almost the same results Galaxy Note 4. The RAM of Galaxy Note Edge, as usual in the top end Samsung terminals, amounts to 3 GB, more than enough for running applications in multitasking.

And as storage memory Galaxy Note Edge, comes with 32GB memory of which 24 GB are accessible from factory user. To counter the possible lack of space, the Note Edge lets you use microSDXC memory cards with capacity of up to 128GB. Regarding connectivity of wireless is concerned the Galaxy Note Edge is fully packed. Even incorporates an infrared transmitter at the top with which to control all types of audio / home video. In Wi-fi, Edge reached 200 meters of coverage and an average speed of 32 Mbps with two walls through. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features the ultra power saving mode stretches the battery life to several days.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge incorporates functionality of fast charge  (compatible only with serial adapter Fast Adaptive Charging, which can vary the output voltage between 9.0V and 1.67 A or 5V and 2.0A), which allows load 50% of the capacity of the battery Note Edge in about half an hour. This battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, is slightly smaller than the Note 4 (3220 mAh). The battery life on a full charge is around 10 hours. And as per the rumours of next device Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2, Samsung would be increasing the battery capacity for sure.