This is the one stop destination for a long range of fun activities such as animal feeding and corporate and educational tours. This is the ideal place for all the people who are interested in interacting with the animal and sampling popular local food. It provides the farm tours for all the people who enter into the Singapore city. They have provided prawn pond, pet shops, a petting zoo and various farm produce shops. Interested parties can also try out prawning and get closer to nature today with the recreational activities for all the ages. Farms are all over the little red hot. In case you are looking for veggies, plants, bunnies or frogs there is a farm for you and get involved with in Singapore. If you long for something more than the dreary Singaporean cityscape you will enjoy taking in the fresh air at Singapore underrated country side. Most of them are around the kranji area and the recent emphasis on organic food has finally brought some of the farms back into the spotlight. If sunshine, cute animals and nature sound like your cup of tea take a weekend off and check out the some of the hidden farm tours and center.

 Singapore- Provides Lots Of Farm Tours And Farmart Center

Some of the website is available for farm tours and will provide an informative and fact filled visit of the farm. There is an animal corner where you can snuggle a bunny, animal feeding where the billy goats will nibble carrots and koi fish feeding. If you are hungry visit the restaurant for some local delights. Relieve your kinder garden childhood with the animal resort and it is an essential thing come to life with all kinds of the adorable animals to view and play with. Feast your eyes on the horse, peacocks and more. Seeds and feeds are available for sale if you want to feed the animals. In this website you can search many other farmart centers in Singapore. Hay dairies are Singapore’s only surviving goat farm from the colonical days and provides lovers of goat milk their local dose. With over eight hundred goats on the farm the diary produces milk that is sold all over the island. The farm used to rear the pigs back in the day but they offered them an alternative to raise goats during the reformation period in early. Visitors to the diary can watch the adorable creatures up close and even participating in milking their very own bottle.