CrossFit is a workout like no other. It combines a variety of activities to give you the hardest and most effective workout possible. Shoes that can adapt to different workout styles are an absolute must for any enthusiast. They are simply the key to enhancing performance. Gym footwear experts, Kit Box, are here to give their opinion on the top 5 CrossFit workout shoes.

CrossFit’s explosive growth in popularity in the last 10 years has encouraged huge brands to provide a wide range of fitness footwear for the sport. Each company hypes their new designs making it difficult to decide on what shoe is best for you.

As CrossFit is a dynamic workout, some shoe styles are more suited more to lifters, whilst others to runners. Making it a confusing task to pick out a pair, especially for a gym newbie. With careful research we have managed to narrow down the top 5 shoes and give you a guide on how they will enhance your workout. Taking away all that hard work and giving you extra time in the gym.

 1. The most Natural Fit

The 5 Best Shoes For A CrossFit Workout

Great for a natural running workout, the Inov-8 F-Lite 232 is a zero drop shoe that puts you closer to the ground. Unlike other Inov8 shoes, it has a specially designed wide toe box to really let you spread your toes out and anchor to the floor. This also means you are able to perform Olympic style lifts in these too. The outsole prevents slipping, made from a super sticky rubber that increases friction between your foot and the floor.

2. The Weight Lifting Enthusiast

The 5 Best Shoes For A CrossFit Workout

Channel those Olympic lifts with a pair of Adidas Power Lift Trainers.  Compressible shoes are soft on your feet however can throw you off balance on a very heavy lift. These are designed with a solid platform to provide more control and balance. We would recommend these mainly during weight lifting portions of your workout as they are high specialised. A hook and loop feature keeps your feet secure at all times.

3. Light as a Feather

The 5 Best Shoes For A CrossFit Workout

Introducing the Nano 3.0, one of the most versatile training shoes we could find. It focuses on both comfort and practicality. One of its features includes a Dual Density platform that provides the perfect combination of forefoot cushioning and heel stabilisation.  This is great for all-around training day workouts, focusing on workout-specific comfort and performance. These would be a great option for beginners as they are comfortable and will fit in with most CrossFit elements.

4. The Barefoot Running Feel

The 5 Best Shoes For A CrossFit Workout

The Bikila LS has a custom fit to provide runners with a wider foot or higher instep to reap the benefits of this design. An EVA arch follows the contour of the foot to make it feel as natural as possible. The shoe is designed to give the user a barefoot running experience which can be used in any terrain. With a grippy tread designed especially to aid a proper forefoot strike running form.

5. The Beginner Lifter

The 5 Best Shoes For A CrossFit Workout

We titled this for “the beginner lifter.” However the Inov8 Fastlift 335 applies more to those who need a pair of great weightlifting shoes that can also be used for other CrossFit elements (unlike the Adidas Power Lift.) Because it is so versatile, you are able to do double unders, box jumps and even short runs in the same shoes that you lift in. It is also extremely lightweight making it comfortable on your feet.

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