Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is getting really good response after its release. No doubt, Galaxy Note 4 has taken the standards of smartphone standards to the next level.


At the moment, Samsung Note 4 comes with the operating system Google Android 4.4.4 KitKat and a graphical interface TouchWiz. Upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop just around the corner.

There are new features in the stylus S-Pen. It has not changed, but it has become more convenient, more integrated into the system. Screenshots can now be processed immediately after its creation. Images quickly cut off, you can select and copy text contained on them.

There is an application for creating notes, typical of device Galaxy. Installed speech recognition system S Voice works flawlessly. To voice assistant did not take a lot of memory, Samsung has installed a robotic voice as standard. If you use S Voice, you can download the full version (about 124 MB) in the Galaxy Store. Similarly manufacturer entered the program interpreter S Translator.

Software implementation work with several windows at once (Galaxy Multi Window), and known by other models, allows Note 4 to cope with multitasking. Works in this smartphone is fine, does not cause slowdown.

A sensor on the rear Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be used not only for measuring the pulse, and blood oxygen levels. Sending a probe to the sun, you can even measure the UV radiation!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - A Monster Phone

In fact, Samsung has established a lot of third-party applications (but most of them can be easily removed).

Galaxy Note 3 owners have time to appreciate the presence of port USB 3.0. It allows you to charge your phone faster and spend less time copying files from your PC.

Alas, in the case of the model Note 4 user will have to be content with the slow USB 2.0. Pleases only the possibility of using standards OTG and MHL.

Micro-SD slot supports media capacity of up to 128 GB, which can be saved not only the media, but also the application. Since support App2SD guaranteed by the manufacturer, the application could be launched from there.

This smartphone is not compatible with wireless communication media data DLNA – only Wireless Display and Miracast. This is unfortunate, because most TVs, Blu-ray – DVD-players and does not require an external power adapter when connected via DLNA (enough working Wi-Fi network), but for such an adapter Miracast usually needed.

Built-in infrared port of the device also allows control TV, Blu-Ray player and DVD and other home appliances. To do this, there is a separate pre-application called Smart Remote.

Module wireless WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz and radius is large. In the vicinity of the router (Fritz! Box 6360) signal attenuation in 2.4 GHz band shall not exceed -50 dB, 20 meters from the source ranges from -73 to -79 dB. Sites still open quickly ping only slightly at this point increases.

The already available Galaxy Note 4 is set to break all records but lets wait and watch, Samsung will take the technology to next level by the Galaxy S7 release date in 2015.