With Summer slowly progressing in, now you will have a number of activities like concerts, movies and sports events to look out for. All these events are not cheap and so you will have to pay a good amount to buy its tickets. But if you act smart, you can save a good amount of money while buying tickets. 

Finding a good deal is all about some simple tricks like where to look for and most important, wait for the right time. So, here I am sharing some money saving tips that will help you to save money while buying concert tickets. 


Go for physical stores: If you really want to buy tickets for less, go for the old school way. Visit the physical outlet and buy tickets from there. This way, you will be saved from paying the processing as well as the mailing fees. You can even visit the box office outlets. They also sell tickets for a number of concerts and events. 

Sign up for newsletters: Yes, I know your inbox is overflowing with a number of emails but again, it is good to subscribe for email offers at major tour promoters and ticketing outlets. This way you will be able to know about the inside offers and loyalty discounts. Many of the outlets even send reminders and offers through email, so that people can get to know about them at the earliest. For example, if you have subscribed for Eventim, you will get the latest Eventim promo codes directly in your mail. 

Be early: Always keep an eye on the pre-sale opportunities for the cheapest or best ticket options. If you are lucky, you will get the best deal. In case you have not signed up for the newsletters then don’t worry. There are many stores that serve the early birds with a good discount. 

Check the resale outlets: There are many people out there who have either double booked the tickets or had to cancel the plan for work or came up with some other priorities. Such people put their tickets on resale outlets for sale. So in case you have failed to get the tickets somewhere else, better try this option too. Some of the sites may not be legit, so check the site properly before you buy one. 

Buy e-tickets: In case, you don’t have plans to buy tickets directly from the store, then go for their e-ticket option. This is the best option as you don’t have to pay extra to get them printed. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for the ticket insurance or for the postage. In case you even want to save money on printing, then it is also possible. Many of the venues also accept tickets on the mobile phones as they can be easily scanned. 

Buy in bulk: In case you are not familiar with the technology, better buy tickets from the physical store in bulk. You can book your tickets along with your friends. This way you will be able to save money on postage costs through sharing

Look around: When you are looking for good deal everywhere why not search the internet. There are aggregator sites which provide a good deal when you buy online. For example, check the deals at Dealslands UK for the event you are looking for. 

So this summer follow this money saving tips to get good deals for live concerts in your city.