Let’s admit it; people spend more time on their desktop, tab, or phone than on TV. That’s why it’s not a wonder that the best TV shows have been brought online.

 Online television is continually growing, and quickly. In fact, according to Statista, 76% of the American household has subscribed to video-on-demand (VOD) website last 2014. VOD is a system that allows users to watch any video content like TV shows anytime they want online. This is more convenient for people as they don’t have to wait for a specific broadcast time.

Top Online TV Series You Can Watch In One Sitting This 2017

The key players in the VOD market are Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Even big TV channels like HBO are tapping into this industry, too. All of them offer original shows which people can watch online. Here are the top shortest TV series featured in these sites.

  1. Netflix: Stranger Things

Netflix offers a lot of great original series– from Marvel’s Daredevil and Orange is the New Black to BoJack Horseman. What Stranger Things have that those other awesome shows don’t is its short episode list. Stranger Things only has 8 episodes per season. Pair this an intense, mysterious plot and you can’t help but watch Season 1 in just one sitting. Stranger Things has won several awards in 2017– American Film Institute’s TV Program of the Year-USA being one of them.

The show is based on a horror/sci-fi web series by the Duffer Brothers. It started with the disappearance of Will. And in a town where nothing ever happens, all things about to happen after that episode is going everyone.

  1. Amazon Prime: Goliath

Nominated in Jupiter’s Best International TV Series last 2016, you can’t miss Goliath, especially if you ache for an old-school legal thriller. Like Stranger Things, it only has 8 episodes. However, 8 episodes are all you need to fully appreciate Billy Bob Thornton, who unsurprisingly won Golden Globe for his role in the series.

Thornton plays the character of Billy McBride, an alcoholic who used to be a great lawyer. When he agreed to accept a case against one large firm, he would soon reveal a deadly conspiracy. It’s easy to get a John Grisham vibe from the plot. That is to say that the story line is nothing short of compelling.

  1. Hulu: Casual

In just 10-13 episodes per season, Academy Award Director Nominee Jason Reitman will undoubtedly pull you into the show’s comedic plot. The series itself has been nominated for the Golden Globe for the Best Television Series- Comedy or Musical.

This comedy series revolves around a bachelor, his newly divorced sister, her teenage daughter and how they try to make their way in the crazy dating world. It wittingly mixes family drama with sexual scenes. Watching it, you’re sure to let out a loud laugh every now and then.

Final Thoughts

VOD providers are fully aware of how a show’s length affects the viewer’s’ decision to rent TV series online. Thus, it’s not difficult to find a series that offer quality content without having to last more than 23 episodes in 1 season.