There’s great news for those who love Ghostbusters: although the third film starring the original cast was never able to come into production, the franchise decided to start from scratch and produced a new one: Ghostbusters 2016, starring (among others) Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. There’s even greater news – especially for those who feel the original cast and storyline can never be replaced: there’s a fun and exciting way to enjoy the original Ghostbusters film and win money at the same time, thanks to the online Ghostbuster slot game.

Take note, it’s not just a slot game; it’s the Ghostbuster slot game. And because every Ghostbuster fan deserves to be a winner, here are some top tips on the online Ghostbuster slot gamesbonus rounds – what you need to know.

Top Tips On The Ghostbusters Online Slot Game Bonus Rounds – What You Need To Know

The film and the theme

The game has adopted the original Ghostbusters theme – the one from the 1984 movie. It did that on purpose: whilst the 2016 film was hailed by critics and is able to stand on its own very well, very few will argue that the original is still number one. Hence, the bonus rounds are also full of sounds and sights that will appear very familiar.

The bonus rounds

Think of scary sounds of the haunted house and the green slime all over your screen as you play. Think also of several bonus rounds, which allow fans to drastically increase their winnings. Here are just some of the features:

  • Ballroom Buster. In this bonus round, you have a Proton Pack strapped to your back, which will help you fire at the elements and blow up the room. You’ve got five tries to find to hidden ghosts. Find them and capture them, and you earn credits. You may even get double awards.
  • Stay Puft. If you love marshmallows, you’ll love this bonus round because the sweet treat is literally falling from the sky. And it’s a good thing they do: they stick to items on the screen and act as multipliers so you can double your winnings.
  • Paranormal Pick. Follow Slimer, pick a green, ghostly cloud and win, win, win!
  • Cash Award. Imagine: Slimer first does a funny act, then offers you payouts that are anywhere between 50 to 1000 times the amount of your coin value!

This slot game is not your ordinary online game – the creators have done a wonderful job of creating not only a game wherein your chances of winning are real and come quickly with tangible results, but also a wide range of perks that provide entertainment value for all Ghostbusters fans. It’s a perfect combination of fun and potential profit. It’s… Well, it’s a Buster.