We are surrounded with images of celebrities who always seem to look effortlessly flawless. “How do they do it?” is the question that seems to surround us all the time. We want to look beautiful effortless like our favorite celebrities, but we think that their style is out of reach for us.

The truth is that you can use some easy tricks that celebrities use every day to look their best. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries or designer clothes to look like royalty. Here are some of the simple tricks celebrities use to look better every day.

They Protect their Skin from the Elements

The former belief was that you need to spend hours in the sun or in a tanning bed to get a healthy glow and look beautiful. Today, celebrities practice the exact opposite. They protect their skin from the sun and other element by using things sunscreen, scarves and hats. If they want to get a little color, they opt instead for a sun-free spray tan, but you can feel confident wearing your natural skin tone anytime of the year.

They have a Strict Beauty Routine

Each celebrity has a strict beauty routine that they follow to keep their skin looking its best. Some do weekly exfoliation to keep skin looking bright, some wash their face of all make up before they go to sleep, and some won’t leave the house without mascara. No matter what, it is most important to use the skin care routine that works best for your skin type and your schedule.

Tricks Celebrities Use To Look Better Every Day

They enhance their Best Features

Everyone has some really great features that they want to showcase, celebrities included. They use tricks to draw attention to these features and draw attention away from features they are not so proud of. For example, if your eyes are your favorite feature, use intense eye makeup and light makeup on the rest of your face to make them stand out.

They Focus on Good Fit

No matter what the current trends are, having the best fit possible is the most important rule in fashion. Celebrities will never wear clothes that don’t fit them properly. Instead, they wear tailored pieces that show of their figure in the best way possible. Search for clothes that fit your current body, or considering making small alterations to the clothes you have to help them fit you better. Always start with the best fitting bras and panties to give each outfit the best foundation.

They make Healthy Eating an Exercise a Part of their Daily Routine

No matter what your style is, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your body first and foremost. Having a healthy diet and regular exercise are things that every celebrity swears by to not only look better every day, but also to feel better and relieve stress. Focus on getting healthy meals every day and incorporating any type of exercise into your daily routine.