Cinema is a medium that can translate ideas. – DavidLynch

A Grain of the Past

British people are believed to be very conservative, stiff and unhurried. This is partly true. Therefore, English cinema has a quite complicated history of development. Almost half a century the British cinema was called «dormant» and its evolution has been rather slow when compared with the same pace of Hollywood. Still, the English cinema has given the world lots of masterpieces and film industry stars.

Everything has begun with Robert W. Paul who invented a device for shooting movies which was called a bioscope. In the 30’s, with the advent of sound-films, the English cinema makes a high jump. Sir Alexander Korda, the founder of the film company «London Films» comes to Britain from Hollywood and creates one of the best and prominent studios of his time.

UK Cinema: AB Origine To Contemporary Time. How To Earn Working In Cinema?

In the 60’s, the television exerts a decisive influence on cinema, many cinemas are closed; in order to attract the public, British directors make the films on taboo topics, such as homosexuality, abortions, etc. Many talented producers who left USA, including Stanley Kubrick, who created the «Clockwork Orange» and «Dr.Strangelove», have breathed life into the British cinema.

The creation of saga about «James Bond, code name 007» has become the bright spot in the UK cinema industy, being the brainchild of the British writer Ian Fleming.

Working in Art and Cinema Field Today: is it worth it?

In its diverse realizations, art is an integral part of everyone’s life. We all consume art as viewers and listeners. To become an actress or musician, artist or designer, you’ll need special skills, creative freedom and courage to create something absolutely new, and always new. After all, you need to surprise the audience; people go to movie, theatre, circus and ballet for individual pleasure, they are the demanding art judges. Any profession connected with cinema and art require constant exertion and development, passion and the will to win. So, what are the most demandable professions in cinemanowadays?

  1. Sound Producer – one of the key occupations in movies, television and show-business – this profession combines both creative and technical side; the work of sound producer often receives special awards at film festivals.
  2. Projectionist – this job requires high technical competence as far as modern cinemas are moving towards digital technologies for showing films in 3d – format.
  3. Maker-up – his work is demandable everywhere if there is a need to modify the appearance. Long before the start of film-making process, he or she is to perfect all the details of make-up in close cooperation with a movie director.
  4. Location-manager is involved in finding and preparation of the locations for movie-shooting or TV shows. You must have an artistic vision, understand the concept of the director, and have erudition and exceptional communication skills.
  5. Film Cutter works in the period of post-production, when all the elements of the movie (the footage, voiceovers, music, titles) are combined into a single unit.
  6. Graphic Visualizers and Digital Designers work hardin film-shooting process to visualize the scenes which can’t be shooted in usual way or do not exist in real life. This position presupposes that a specialist is good familiar with IT, programming, different techniques as 3d modelling, video-editing, flash, special computer software, for example Adobe After Effects, etc.

Where will you go for art jobs in UK?

Working in the industry of cinema and film-shooting is very prestigious and large companies always expand their frontiers, looking for qualified applicants who will responsibly perform their duties for usually quite decent salaries. What should your first step be when searching for a desired job? Discover the list of companies who are short of new employees in a category that suits you to the most, look through alternatives, be prepared with you resume and portfolio, show the employer your will and aspiration for the position you’ve chosen and be sure, the results will satisfy you! Good luck!