So you just received an invitation to that big fancy dress party. Whether it’s a Halloween celebration or a fun costume party this is a great chance to dive into a different identity and express yourself creatively through fancy dress. While Halloween is the most popular time for people to wear fancy dress there are many other occasions that might call for a costume. Maybe your office or university is throwing a theme party or a friend is having a themed birthday party, whatever the reason it is so much fun to dress up; you don’t even have to spend a fortune on a costume. There are ways you can rent an outfit for a single night, so read on to learn more about finding that ultimate fancy dress costume:


There are so many different themes when it comes to fancy dress parties. The first category is the period party, which covers costumes representing various decades; flapper dresses from the ‘20’s, hippie costumes from the ‘60’s, you name it. As the years go by, more and more fun costumes from past decades arise. It is such a fun way to look back at the past and reminisce on years gone by. If you are invited to a decade theme party take look at that period and try to find a creative way to express it. You might look at pictures online to see what fun accessories you can add to your outfit. The best part of a decade theme is that you might already have lots of pieces in your closet at home that you can throw together to make a costume.

Ultimate Fancy Dress Costumes

There are so many other themes for fancy dress parties, some of the favorites being medieval, music and movie stars, animals, professions and famous characters. The sky is the limit for theme parties and the sooner you know what it is the more creative you can be in your choice of costume. Always try to think outside the box and represent that theme in a unique and creative way.


Most people do not have the money to blow on buying a costume they are going to wear for only one night, even if it is the greatest party of the year. For Halloween, it can be fun to splurge on hot Halloween school girl costumes or any other outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. It’s that one night a year to shine under a totally different identity, but for other theme parties do not be afraid to look through what you already have at home. Get together with friends and combine your accessories to create some fun looks. You can even create your own costume from art supplies.

Renting vs. Buying

Purchasing a costume can be an investment; it is easy and you will have a great look. Making your own takes time, but can be a creative and fun way to dress yourself, though you do need to have the right kind of materials to hand. The final option is renting, which is perfect for people who do not have the time to make their own costume and cannot justify the expense of buying one, especially if it’s just for one special occasion.