When you click pictures with a digital camera, the images often come up with date & time of clicking the photograph. At times the date & time feature might appear on a crucial part of a photo thereby disturbing the beauty of it. In case you have got any such picture, you might prefer to erase out the photo stamp from it. Now, how to do that? Well, you have the Movavi Photo Editor software today which is one of the most recommended to erase out the date & time stamp from the otherwise lovely pictures. The article here presents a brief review on the Movavi Photo Editor.

Use Movavi Photo Editor To Remove Unwanted Stamps From Photographs

Highly Reputed Brand

To start with, Movavi is an internationally recognized award winning brand with client base in as many as 150 countries. Thus, you can be quite confident about the high performance quotient of the brand.

Easy Use

Then, the Movavi photo stamp remover is really easy to use. The program come up with a simple interface and you won’t need any special skill to operate the software- your basic computing skills would be enough here. The user here is simply needed to select the unwanted photo stamp and then erase it with just a single click.

Easy & Precise Selection

Another great bit about the Movavi Photo Editor is that the software assures easy & accurate selection. The program is designed with an advanced feature called Magic Wand that guarantees convenient & precise selection. Thus, with Movavi, you don’t have this risk of mistakenly erasing out the important parts from your photo.

Compatibility with Several Formats

When you are getting your photo edited with Movavi software, you would be able to convert the edited picture into several formats. Movavi supports all popular image formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG & so on.

Removes All Kinds of Unwanted Objects

It’s to note here that the Movavi program does not only remove the photo stamp but it can erase out all sorts of unwanted elements from a photo- be it power lines or shadows or random people.

Improves Picture Quality

This is another important point of investing in Movavi Photo Editor. The advanced photo editing software is designed to crop, resize & rotate images and also improves the image quality automatically.

Colour Correction

Moreover, the Movavi Photo Editor helps with colour correction as well.