It is summer time, and sandals are your choice. However, the black high heels too look good. It is time for the elegant looking pair to compete with the sandals as women prefer comfort to fashion.

In summers women tend to take comfort in wearing their most eligible pair the Strappy sandals as they look good from the time they were bought at a store until it’s too cold to wear them. They show off the toes so well that women can’t wait to wear them. This pair of sandals can be perfectly paired with every summer outfit. You can opt for them with flirty dresses, gowns or extravagant graphic layer pants or jumpsuits. They can be worn casually or formally as they glam up the look. They are so feminine that you can choose to wear them with ankle length jeans, shorts, cocktail dresses. Low chunky heel strap sandals can be worn to work as they are comfortable and conservative at the same time. They work well with most dress codes except trousers that are wide-legged. You can try them with culottes, floor length pants for a professional look instead of the skirt (pencil skirt is an exception). The strappy sandals make legs look good and thinner.

Which Is The Latest Fashion Trend - Strappy Sandals or Black High Heels?

Flat strappy sandals can be worn for a day look ideal when running errands, as you can pair them up with capris, a maxi dress, cut off denim as they are stylish alternative to the flip flops. They can be worn to work with Capri pants or slim fit trousers in neutral tan colour. Choose the metallic pair for a more glamorous look. High heel strappy sandals are a must have for parties. For a concert or dance at a night club, you can choose to wear them with a leather skirt or jeans and a tank top. If your pair is more refined and has some details – glitter finish, studded heels, and crystal embellishments makes them more elegant.

Black high heels are a must as they feel confident and like the attention it draws. For some they add height, they make them appear more slender. There are many styles of heels one can choose from like stilettos, platform pumps, wedges, kitten heels. You can choose to wear pumps with denim jeans, shorts, mini shorts, and jumpsuit with a blouse or anything with good coverage. They can be worn with pants skirts as well as dresses and tights with some subtle design or a more solid colour for office wear. They come in various textures, decorative accents, along with the different heel styles. Stilettos are the ultimate choice however they cannot be worn to a more conservative environment. Wedges can be worn as they are more comfortable to be in for an extended duration. They are mostly worn in summers, and are available in more styles for other seasons. Kitten heels are for beginners and amore popular choice. They are short heels and can be walked around in more comfortably and easily. They look good with summer dresses and can be worn when running errands.

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