Action movie aficionados, almost all of them, love Sylvester Stallone. That man is a legend in action movies. So, when he decides to take to the keyboard and write out an action movie script, there seems to be little doubt about the awesomeness of the experience. He would invariably bring in the experience modeled by decades of hardcore Hollywood action. The man saw the action scene evolve, and much of it around himself! So, when he picks up the pen (or takes on the keyboard) to write the script to Homefront, the movie already generated huge anticipation in the action addicts.

The first trailer of the movie is out, and it is effing awesome! Heavy with F-bombs, drug war, indiscriminate shooting, and basic hand actions, Homefront is surely all set to make a dashing mark in the psyche of action movie lovers. However, Stallone is the scriptwriter though. Chuck Logan is the original author of the book that the movie bases its plot upon.

Released by Open Road Films, director Gary Fleder is at the helm of the experience of working on Stallone’s script. Director Fleder has some impressive movies in his portfolio. He directed the ‘Things to do in Denver when you are dead’, ‘Don’t say a word’, and ‘Runaway Jury’. The trailer shows pure psychological and physical action sequences.

The storyline develops around the main characters Phil Broker (Jason Statham) and Gator Bodine (James Franco). Broker is an ex-DEA agent, and he wants to lead a quiet and peaceful life at a small town Louisiana. His daughter also stays with him. But, the town has a drug lord. Gator specializes in meth dealings and is obviously quite averse to having a former DEA agent in his turf. Also, eventually it turns out that Broker is actually an undercover agent placed in the town. The film also stars Winona Ryder as a biker chick, and Frank Grillo, Kate Bosworth in other important roles. Isabela Vidovic plays the daughter to Statham.

The trailer shows that this is a 80’s style pure retro action thriller, modeled in modern times. There is no complicated plotline to save the life of the President. This is not about a friggin terrorist attack either. It is a simple action plot that relies on pure machismo and a hellfire of bullets to establish one’s point of view. Franco is terrifyingly awesome in his role as a local drug lord. Dealing with the horrible drug meth requires huge amount of psychological violence. So, Franco sounds very convincing when he gets on to a few lowlife meth dealers with a baseball bat and threatens to pour down gasoline in their throats.

The ex-DEA agent is the perfect protagonist/antagonist. When both sides are on a killing spree, it is difficult to judge the protagonist/antagonist angle. Getting the meth drug scenario in the fil automatically sets the stage for a psychological warfare, manifested frequently in direct action and indiscriminate use of bullets. The trailer is very encouraging to say the least. The movie hits the theater scene on November 27th.