If you ask any person what movies they are keen on, some will say they are fond of Stand Up Comedy, Super Heroes or zavvi Movies and some will give them vote for Documentary and also the zavvi.

zavvi Movies seem to be the favourite among a good many movie lovers and the reasons why they are so popular lie in several aspects including special effects in movies especially with 3D or IMAX glasses, good cast, spectacular scenes you will not gonna see in the low budget movies and many more. Watching the zavvi Movies will bring you unparalleled extraordinary experience during the whole watching time. Also, you may get it with free uk delivery at zavvi movies.

For all these, here Lucy Brown who is an employee working at newvoucher.co.uk as well as a big movie fan wants to recommend you a couple of zavvi Movies which she believes will impress you.

Olympus Has Fallen

Korean party activists who drive AC130 military planes collaborate with White House traitors. They occupy the White House and capture the President, aiming to control and destroy the United States with the ‘nuclear button’. At this time, a hero comes to rescue turning back the powers of darkness. Not only does he save the president, but he also destroys the terrorist’s plot.

Zavvi Movies Succeed To Impress Recently

Olympus Has Fallen is directed by Antoine Fuqua the director of another famous film Shooter and is acted by Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Finley Jacobsen and more. Olympus Has Fallen believed to be an electrifying and inspired action thriller will keep your heart pounding the whole time.

After Earth

After the earth ruin resulting in human beings moving to other planets for 1000 years or over, a well known General Cypher and his son Kitai Raige stranded on Earth because of an unexpected airplane crash. In order to save his critically injured father and become a true warrior, Kitai Raige embark on a perilous journey, facing all kinds of horrible creatures, attack from the escaped creatures during the plane accident and other unknown threats. Only by working together and trusting each other can they go back home.

Zavvi Movies Succeed To Impress Recently
When watching After Earth, you will see Will and Jaden Smith both acting in this film and have the chance to look at the landscapes and creatures of the film.


Joseph Smith, a solider serving the special forces, has experienced everything in the Afghanistan battlefield. He is accused by the Military Court  of some incident and thus has caught the attack stress phobia. Later Joseph runs out of the hospital, struggling for a living among the homeless. He who changes his name to Joey is accompanied by a girl named Isabel. By any chance, Joseph is involved in the underworld…

Zavvi Movies Succeed To Impress Recently
With Steven Knight directing this movie and actors like Jason Statham, Agata Buzek and Vicky McClure’s excellent performance, Hummingbird is sure to bring you surprise and great movie watching experience.

Of course, these are just a few zavvi Movies and tons of other great movies are also waiting for you to watch and to give your comment. Just spare your little portion of time from work for the ultimate movie watching experience!