Musical movies provide audiences with breathtaking spectacles of great music, combined with incredible synchronized choreographic scenes. Watching performers on the big screen spontaneously burst into song from the bottom of their lungs is truly something to admire.

When it comes to musical movies, certain classics are especially popular with audiences and never seem to fade away and become irrelevant or uninteresting to viewers. Here we’ve come up with five amazing must-see musical movie classics that we love. Carry on reading to discover more.


The 1978 Grease movie, directed by John Randal Kleiser, is set in a typical U.S high school setting, portraying Danny and Sandy’s love story (John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John). Grease is ‘electrifying’ and gives viewers a fun nostalgic insight into high school life in the states in the late 1950s, although the movie was released in the late 70s and based on a Broadway musical with the same name that didn’t begin until 1972.

Famous iconic songs from the movie include ‘Grease,’ ‘Greased Lightning,’ ‘You’re The One That I Want,’ ‘We Go Together,’ and many more. The costumes of the movie characters are also brilliant to look at. Grease is a classic breathtaking musical that transcends the generations and is a must-see.

5 Amazing Must-See Musical Movie Classics That Could Inspire You

Westside Story

Westside Story is a musical that tells the dramatic, romantic tale of two lovers from either side of the Sharks and Jets gangs in New York in the 1950s. The musical depicts the tensions between the local white population and newer immigrant arrivals in the city. It is set just after many groups of Puerto Ricans arrived in the big apple.

The original movie was released in 1961 and has been world-famous ever since. A more modern version of the Westside Story was released more recently in 2021. There have also been a lot of stage versions of it produced. Want to understand more about what New York was like in the period shortly after the Second World War? The Westside Story is a must-watch for you.

It’s a movie filled with many majestic songs and dances, and after watching it, you or your kids may feel like going out and practicing some of their stylish moves. If you’re genuinely interested in learning how to dance, why not try taking dance classes up for a laugh? Much like anything challenging, practice makes perfect, and you may want to hire a rehearsal space that has been specially designed and kitted out with everything aspiring dancers and singers could wish for.

Les Misérables

Do you love to watch a musical packed with drama and steeped in history? In that case, you should love the Les Misérables movie (2012), which is based on the novel by Victor Hugo. The movie tells the story of Jean Valjean in the 1832 anti-Monarchist June Rebellion in France.

It’s got a range of rousing epic songs full of all the emotion associated with the rebellion and social struggles taking place in France at the time. The best-known songs of the movie include ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and ‘Do You Hear The People Sing?’. For history and musical enthusiasts, Les Mis is a must-see movie.


Hairspray is a famous stage musical released in Broadway theatres in 2002, and in 2007 it was turned into a film. The musical shows you the story of Tracy Turnblad and the trials and tribulations of her ambition to feature on a dance show shown on a local television network. The narrative of Hairspray also presents the tensions in the city at the time due to racial segregation. The movie is full of many amusing moments, and the songs are extremely catchy and manage to stick in your head very easily.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is a musical that has enjoyed great popularity on the big screen and in stage theatres. The plot is based on a novel written by Charles Dickens that’s set amidst the backdrop of London in the mid-1800s, a city afflicted by poverty, poor living conditions, and a vast number of criminal gangs running around causing mayhem. The 1968 version of the movie is one of the most well-recognized adaptions of the tale of Oliver Twist in cinemas; however, another take on the movie directed by Roman Polanski was released in 2005 to audiences worldwide.

It’s a somewhat melancholy story that shows you the cruel treatment of impoverished orphan children in London at the time. The character Fagin is an example of how adults used children in London in that era to help pickpocket and steal items from unsuspecting members of thing public. Are you a fan of jaw-dropping songs and British history? Then Oliver is definitely a musical you need to try and sit down and watch soon.

When you get some free time, why not put the television on and sit down on the sofa to watch some musical movie classics? You will probably find that you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head afterward.