Today’s world of fast fashion and swiftly fading trends can be overwhelming, as it might lead you to buy items that don’t suit you at all yet are considered popular by influencers. Bright colors and patterns are frequently used for these trends, which do not suit a very big part of all of us. This is why it’s essential to know how to match your clothing and accessories to your skin tone and complexion. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular skin tones and the colors that go best with them:

Best Colors to Wear According to Your Skin Tone

Cool Tone

If you are pale, try to stay away from other pale, pastel colors that will make you look lifeless and exhausted even when you are in your best mood. These hues will blend with your skin and will create an unappealing overall look.  If you want to put together an outfit that will make you stand out and showcase your snow-white skin, go for contrast, vivid colors, such as dark green, bright red, and pink. Dark shades of blue also work incredibly well with pale skin, because they accentuate its noble fairness. They are also easy to pair with other clothing and can be worn during all seasons. For example, you can wear a bright blue satin skirt during the hotter months of the year and a thick jumper when it starts getting colder, such as a dark blue Irish wool knit sweater from Tara Irish Clothing. These colors will enhance the noble and delicate appearance of your already lovely pale complexion.

Warm Tone

Consider yourself lucky if you have warm-toned skin, as this is the skin color that so many girls desire and seek out at tanning salons. This type of skin is distinct in that it seems bronzed and warm. If you have a warm undertone, earth tones like green, olive, brown, and warm red hues are the greatest option for you, as they are the perfect fall palette for your clothes this season. If you want to create more elegant ensembles, such as for going to school, college, or work, you can use hues like latte, walnut brown, or wheat, which are excellent for your warm skin tone and also make a great complement to neutral-colored clothing. An olive vest or other red accessories, such as watches or a handbag, can be added to a traditional button-up white shirt and a black skirt in order to spice it up and make it appear more interesting.

Neutral Tone

You are most likely a neutral-skin-toned person if your skin tone is neither pale nor warm. This is incredibly fortunate since it implies that nearly any clothes will look great on you. You can wear bright or pastel colors, and both will look fantastic on you, giving you a wide range of options for apparel to choose from. With this skin tone, though, it’s important to know how to mix colors rather than wearing them all at once. Make sure you’re not mixing more than three colors in your clothing, especially if none of them are neutrals like black, white, or gray. For people with neutral-toned skin, colors should be used as accents, especially in accessories.