Staying classy and sophisticated is hard when there are so many trends that come and go. It’s even harder for men, as their fashion sense is usually underestimated. But there are many ways in which you can keep your gentleman look even in a fast-evolving fashion industry. In this article, we found some timeless pieces that every true gentleman should add to their collection. Some of them are vintage pieces, while others are modern adaptations of some old-inspired ones. Read along and keep your class and elegance!

Good perfumes

Having a signature smell can add a very personal touch to any outfit you wear, that’s why perfumes are important. Invest in high-quality perfumes that work with your style but also last you a whole day. Classic scents such as sandalwood, citrus, and musk have stood the test of time and continue to be timeless choices. A signature fragrance will add a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance and will help you make a first impression. Alternate between 2 or 3 scents, adapting them to more casual or formal looks, and make sure they work with your skin’s natural scent as well.

A pocket watch

One of the most iconic and timeless pieces a gentleman can add to his collection is a pocket watch. This classic accessory showcases sophistication and adds uniqueness to any outfit. A pocket watch can be a piece passed down through generations, or a new addition that is only inspired by the old-fashioned ones. When choosing a pocket watch, consider the style and color that best suits your wardrobe. You can choose from different finishes, cultural pocket watches, or authentic vintage ones that have been restored. The choice of pocket watch will be a reflection of your personality and style, whether you decide to go for a vintage aesthetic or a modern vibe.

Unique vintage ties

Ties are an essential accessory for a gentleman, and vintage ties can add a touch of character and history to your collection. Vintage ties often feature unique patterns, fabrics, and craftsmanship that set them apart from modern ones. Whether it’s a silk tie with a classic pattern or a knitted one that adds texture and charm to your outfit, vintage ties bring a sense of nostalgia and originality to your wardrobe. When adding vintage ties to your collection, consider wearing them with both classic and modern looks for a contrasting vibe. You can easily find the right balance between old and new, and create a timeless outfit that reflects your appreciation for tradition and vintage pieces.