Every movie has a hero that takes on a mission, and every hero has a sidekick that is always ready to help. Throughout the film, there have been quite a few sidekicks who have been memorable to the audience. However, there have also been some sidekicks that weren’t up to par. These sidekicks have been either space-fillers, unfunny, or obnoxious.

10 Incredibly, Impossibly Annoying Movie Sidekicks Of All Time

David Levinson – Independence Day

While Jeff Goldblum’s character in the film is not obviously annoying, the irritation can still be felt. Levinson did not seem to fit into whatever scenario was taking place. Levinson presents jokes in a deadpan manner that intentionally misses the point of what is going on; it got old very fast.

Willie Scott – Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomSidekicks

Scott was the love interest of the whip-wielding protagonist’s second film. She is one of the least-likable Indiana Jones characters in any of the four films. Scott’s incessant whining and complaining about the adventure is counter-productive and takes away from the intense action a movie from the Indiana Jones franchise promises its audience. The character tries to provide an answer to the iconic Marion Ravenwood from the previous film; however, Scott does not deliver on that promise. She was no match to share the spotlight with Short Round.

Prince Tarn – Red Sonja

Speaking of which, Short Round was a character that made a great comic foil to Jones; however, Red Sonja, while trying to match the young adventurer, comes up short. Prince Tarn gives the audience little to like with his over-inflated entitlement and narcissism.

Mini Me – Austin Powers

Mini-Me was one of the more well-known cinematic sidekicks in recent history. Mini-Me has received mixed reviews. Some consider him to be one of the better movie sidekicks, as highlighted in this article; however, others think Mini-me is overrated and obnoxious. The character is just a running gag that lost its humor long ago. Mini-Me appeared in two Austin Powers films, which is one film too many.

Leo Getz – Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon didn’t require a character like Getz; it was as if the character was placed in there solely to give Pesci a role. It was an inappropriate setting for a character like Getz. What’s more, there was no need for him in the following movies; he should’ve only appeared once.

Bubba – Forrest Gump

Bubba was memorable, but what made him so annoying is that he was too similar to Forrest due to his speech impediment and occasional monologs. A sidekick is supposed to counter the protagonist and to give a sidekick the same the same qualities in its character is quite lazy and redundant.

Stifler – American Pie

This sex-crazed character dressed in an all over print T-shirt is a common trope in college-centric movies like the American Pie franchise, and that character is always the most obnoxious. The constant Glenn Quagmire-esque one-liners get old fast and Seann William Scott’s acting really made the character hit the audience too close to home.

Jinx Jordan – Die Another Day

For every appearance by the debonair agent Bond, there was always the quintessential Bond Girl. In this case, that was Jinx. In addition to many poor choices made in this movie, this Bond Girl couldn’t keep up with the suave spy, providing no originality to an already sinking film.

Ruby Rhod – The Fifth Element

This character was just obnoxious all-around, from the bizarre wardrobe to the booming voice. A movie like The Fifth Element does not need a character like this taking away from the seriousness of either the film itself or the genre.

Barb Wilson – Batman and Robin

While it didn’t seem possible to make the film worse, Batgirl’s over-the-top presence in the film can be described in one word: clueless.

The sidekick, like the hero, can make or break a movie. A great team can take on the world, while a mismatched, unlikable duo can crash and burn.