We know for a fact that shopping is habitual. It is an activity you enjoy doing every day, even if you are doing it the wrong way. Unfortunately, we still have women who have to be continuously reminded that shopping smart online is the only way to create a healthy relationship with shopping. Impulse buying is a dangerous art, but still, many women spend carelessly spend cash on online shopping. The consequences are the obvious; women up broke even before mid month.

3 Bad Online Shopping Habits Every Woman Needs To Break

Bad shopping strategies equal bad shopping habits. You must break these habits to shop successfully. Otherwise, you are going to walk around broke from every mid month, until your next paycheck. Below are five bad online shopping habits that every woman must break.

Habit #1

Shopping without a shopping list or a budget plan

It is highly likely that you have overspent before, or maybe you are still overspending online as usual. And do you know the reason why you overspend? There is only one major reason: you do not have an accurate parameter around your spending. When someone says that you lack a spending parameter he or she simply mean you do not have a spending plan. Put in its simplest form,   shopping with a shopping list or a budget plan is a habit you have to break.

Breaking this habit

Fortunately, breaking the habit of shopping online with a budget plan is simple. The tips below can help you break this habit, and shop the right way.

  • Always use Microsoft Excel Computer Application to plan your budget. You should plan your budget at least three or four days before the actual day of online shopping.
  • Differentiate between primary needs and luxurious necessities. Give more priority to primary needs over luxurious items.
  • Know how much you are going to spend before actual spending, A budget plan template can help you shop online conveniently every time you want to shop.

Habit #2

Shopping any time, all the time, every time

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see a number of women meander around shopping stores aimlessly. Shopping in an aimless fashion is not just a habit we see locally. We see it online as well. If anything, logging on to an online store and using the buy button aimlessly, at any time, isn’t often the right way to shop. The best way to shop smart isn’t shopping at any time, all the time or every time.Many e commerce websites like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Askmebaazar offers, discounts and deals during weekends. And as per my knowledge Sat and Sun is the best time to grab deals from those stores. If you are not familiar with deals and coupons, then don’t forget to go through these websites: Woot.com, Dealsplus.com, Groupon.com, Deals2buy.com, Offers.com and Couponmachine.in. These websites regularly update amazing offers and deals.

Breaking this habit

  • Set a timeframe for your online shopping. Once the set time is over, kill your session, close that online retail website, and shut down your computer.
  • Don’t stick around website once you have bought all you need; doing so might trigger an urge to overspend. Simply stop shopping, and focus your attention something different for the day.

3. Huge instant spending and shopping at the wrong time

Unfortunately, most women spend big bucks on the go, sometimes without a proper plan.  If you have a good plan and this works well for you, that’s fine. However, spending big bucks on the go is often not a good idea, and it has never been necessary. There are many online stores which especially targets women shopping. So, you must keep in mind to visit only those stores if you are a regular shopping aspirant. Don’t spend your next paycheck on high heels, pajamas, women’s suit, watches and more. Don’t you have other needs too?

Breaking the habit

The best way to break this habit is to remember to take it slow online. Shopping will be a luxurious experience if you do it moderately, and moderation isn’t rocket science by the way.

  • Buy items in bits; you will end up buying only the things that you need.
  • Give items with discounts a higher preference to those with fixed price, even if money is not your problem.
  • In addition, there is a problem of shopping at any time of the day. This too is bad habit because there are good times to shop and there are bad times to shop too.
  • Take regular breaks in between shopping sessions. This gives you the time and the opportunity to revise your shopping list to see whether there are unnecessary or the not so urgent items on the list.