Going to the movies, catching a sporting event or taking a family vacation together, are all good ideas for wholesome entertainment and family time together. The problem with these options, though, is that there are too few of them. Once you take in a good movie or a couple of games, or go on vacation together, you can’t do the same thing the following week. It can be tiring to constantly wonder what to do next. If this is the challenge your family faces, you need to know that a number of options exist.

3 Fun Types Of Entertainment For Your Family

Sign up for Membership at the Local Theater

Local theaters are a wonderful, and yet largely overlooked option for wholesome, educational entertainment with a constant line-up of new possibilities. Many towns have at least one local theater. The town of Palm Desert, California, is an example. Home to 48,000, Palm Desert has the McCallum Theatre, a family entertainment venue. This isn’t a theater that satisfies itself with putting on a show each month. Instead, it offers family memberships, and access to an endless variety of cultural options — rock acts, mariachi bands, Broadway plays, Celtic concerts, jazz concerts, contemporary dance performances, international cultural shows and classical music concerts. Families with memberships that cost a few hundred dollars have free access to endless horizon broadening and family entertainment.

Sign up at a Local Children’s Theater

Children’s theaters are organizations that put up shows centered around children’s themes and performed in theaters by children. Signing up to one of these theaters can be an excellent way to introduce children to public performance, the beauty of classical stories and a lifelong passion for the arts.

Sign up for Membership at the Local Museum

Membership to a museum may sound like a snooze fest, but it never is. If you are anywhere near to a major metropolitan area, you probably have access to museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Seattle Art Museum, the Asian Art Museum or the Franklin Institute.

Depending on the philosophy and theme that the museum follows, the attractions can range from traveling exhibits to child-friendly lectures on exciting historical facts.

Engage your Family in Scientific Thought

A look at the Find science center page of the Association of Science-Technology Centers is a great way to start your family down a path of scientific wonder and discovery. In California (and every state in the US) citizens have access to a string of wonderful science centers that put on series of educational exhibits and shows all the time. An ongoing relationship with local science center can be a great source of joy for any family.