After a long, long time, spring has finally come. It is fair to say that a majority of people in the country are absolutely ecstatic about the fantastic weather which is bound to come our way. Plus, Easter is coming, which means we can bond more with friends and family. Not only that, but spring break is here, which allows us to hang out with our very good friends who have gone off to college in another state or who even study abroad in a far and distant land. Spring is full of happiness; it is an excellent time for taking advantage of the outdoors, shopping for new clothing, trying out new physical activities (such as outdoor yoga). There is so much good about spring that it is difficult to find anything to dislike about it.

Well, there might be one thing worth disliking about fall: the indecision of what your new wardrobe will consist of. After all, there are plenty of cute dresses to choose from this year.

As a woman, most of us depend highly on fashion on a daily basis. We are frequently asking our friends if they think our dresses are cute, or if our jeans are too tight—and so on. However, if you are searching for a guide that will help you to dress adorably for this spring without the reassurance of one of your girlfriends, then look no further. Here are three patterns which you must—absolutely must—utilize as a part of your spring wardrobe this year.

3 Patterns You Have To Wear For The Spring

1. The Floral Dress

This is highly obvious. Spring comes with flowers, so it only makes sense to wear a floral dress. However, floral dresses come with a bit of flirtatiousness, which means that if you are going on a first date then this is your perfect and most ideal pattern for the special day. Plus, don’t forget to wear a cute hat, such as a fedora in a solid color which matches one of the floral colors of your dress. That will add an additional bonus of adorableness. Make sure to tell your date to take you out to get ice cream or take a nice picnic with your new date.

2. The Polka Dot Dress

This may seem surprising, but this pattern is popping up everywhere. Regardless, it is very charming, and you can wear a polka dot dress or jacket in a variety of colors. You could wear a pink polka dot dress for a super spring look, or a black polka dot dress to achieve a more retro look (just make sure to wear a bandana in your hair to truly look retro).  Polka dots are always known to be cute, so why not take this look for a spin?

3. The Watercolor Dress

Have you seen those incredible dresses that look like watercolor has been splashed all over them in a very organized and aesthetic way? Not only are these colorful, but they are super unique. Wear a maxi watercolor dress and you will under the spotlight at all times.

If none of these patterns apply to you, then obviously it’s a better idea to follow your instinct. However, if you are in need of a guide, then refer to this for additional help.