Going to the movie theater is always an exciting and fun experience. A lot of the time you just can’t beat entering the large auditorium, searching for the perfect seat, and sitting back watching as the pictures play on the large screen while the surround sound engulfs you into another world. More than likely you have a nice cold soda to sip on and a large popcorn to snack.

The increase of ticket prices and concession stand products make an outing to the theater happen less often. A night out to the movies for a family tends to cost at least $50 dollars today. More often than not many can have the same, if not better, movie watching experience in their own home. There are four reasons why watching a movie at home is better than an outing to the movie theater today.

1. It is Less of an Expense

Since going to the movie theater has become so expensive, it is easier to create a movie theater in your home. There is no cost for a movie ticket. Snacks and drinks can also be purchased for a significantly cheaper amount of money. Not to mention there is no use of gas to drive to a theater which also costs money. Movie rentals are also significantly less than the price of a movie ticket.

4 Reasons Why The Movie Watching Experience Is Better At Home

2. More Selection

Families have more of an option when choosing a movie to watch from home. There are a range of places to find movies today whether it is at kiosks like Redbox, a home movie collection, or through a website. Many cable providers also offer an extensive movie channel listing that constantly plays the latest and most popular films. You can even have a movie marathon. More selection and more movies in a day create a better experience.

3. Comfort

The best perk about watching movies in the home is the comfort. You do not have to get dressed up and sit in a movie theater with a bunch of strangers. In the comfort of your own home, you can kick back in pajamas on a comfortable couch with a blanket. There is also the freedom to chat about the movie or make noise without feeling like you are bothering other people like you would in a theater.

4. Quality Time

Creating your own home theater is perfect for quality family time without the added expense of a theater outing. It can be a weekly event, where you and your family turn the living room into a theater. This way you can all spend time with one another while also enjoying a great film.

While it is always an exciting experience to get theater entertainment, the costs make it a luxury that can only happen every so often. Films can be watched in the home creating the same, if not better, viewing experience. There are many added perks of turning your living room into a theater for a day or night and spending some quality time with family and friends.

Image Source: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com