With today’s beautiful bounty of stylish maternity fashions, moms-to-be can maintain their own unique fashion sense as their belly grows. Body-hugging fabrics, leggings and cleverly-cut tops can take you from the first trimester to the happy event in a chic combination of style and comfort. Invest in a few good pieces that can follow you through the whole pregnancy and then figure out how to modify them for the various seasons, for example adding leggings or a flowing cardigan in cooler weather.

Following are a few dos and don’ts for keeping your inner fashionista happy as your baby grows:

Keep Your Own Style

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to switch up your own unique sense of style; you can just tweak it a bit. If you love dresses, switch from a mini to an on-trend maxi length; you’ll look sexy but not inappropriate. In the interest of safety and comfort, trade those killer heels in for some on-trend ballet flats, available in a mind-boggling array of styles, colors and patterns.

Love Your Leggings

From always on-trend black to playful colors and patterns, Preggers maternity leggings are a cool-weather must-have for expecting moms. You can wear them from start to finish, and they look chic paired with a long blazer or stylish tunic top.

Slip on Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans with an expanding waistband are a maternity must-have. They’ll take you through your whole nine months in comfort and style. Make sure they are super-stretchy and pair them with pretty flowing tops layered with light tees in summer or a fitted stretch button down and blazer in autumn. They’ll look amazing with ballet flats, sandals and riding boots.

Play with Layers

Layering is still a big fashion must, and pregnant ladies can find lots of fun ways to achieve this look. Start with stretchy tees or turtlenecks and add a stylish button-down or flowing cardigan. Flowing tops and strappy vests add another on-trend dimension. Keep layers light to avoid adding unnecessary bulk.

5 Maternity Fashion Faux-Pas & Style Tips For The Moms-To-Be

Play Up Your Glowing Face

Wear colorful scarves and pretty statement necklaces to play up two of pregnancy’s big bonuses, a glowing complexion and gleaming hair. Try a dramatic statement necklace or fashionable pastel tartan scarf; neckline accessories will take your maternity wardrobe further draw attention to your beautiful face.

Maternity Fashion Faux Pas

No Mumus

Gone are the days when pregnant women need to disguise their changing bodies in shapeless mumus, baggy maternity pants and voluminous bathing suits. The mass of material look is not only a fashion no-no, but it will make you appear even larger and definitely frumpier. Today’s emphasis on the belly will also make your arms and legs look slimmer by contrast.

Stay Away from Overly Tight Clothing

Overly tight clothing can look silly and can be really uncomfortable as your belly grows. Aim for that perfect fit that glides effortlessly over the bump without constricting and harshly outlining the profile. It can be time-consuming to find the right fit, but when you do, invest in a few pieces and accessorize.

Avoid All-Over Prints

Generally, stay away from the all-over print look. It’s too busy for your expanding shape and can look overwhelming. Of course, expecting moms can and should wear the season’s bold stripes and luscious prints, but they’ll be best paired with a solid for balance.

Don’t Stick to the Empire-Waist Look

Although there are plenty of cute tops and dresses featuring the empire-waist, a more fitted look like button-down tops and wrap dresses are more fashionable and can often be worn afterwards. Try a wrap-around in the third trimester to flatter your figure and show off that pregnancy cleavage.

No Stilettos

Much as you may love those killer heels, the tottering, unbalanced look is neither chic nor safe. Instead, opt for sandals and open-toed shoes in warmer months and ballet flats or kitten heels for a more dressed-up look. Flat-heeled boots look great paired with skinny jeans or skirts and leggings come winter.