It seems like television is the best it has ever been. There are so many great shows to choose from. It can be intimidating to wade through all the bad programs. However, that is not necessary as these shows are five that everybody should be watching: Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Banshee, and True Detective.

5 Shows You Need To See

Orphan Black is a BBC America show that focuses on a woman named Sarah Manning. Sarah is sort of a con woman that gets ahead by cheating other people. Her and her adoptive brother are involved with some shady characters and live life on the fringes of society. One day, Sarah sees a woman that looks exactly like her jump in front of an oncoming train. This event sets of a wild chain reaction that gets this brilliant little series started. The series combines science, nature, and a great sense of humor in a nice little package. Star Tatiana Maslany gives a brilliant performance in the lead role and is helped by a strong supporting cast. It is a great show for people that like science fiction and fantasy type shows.

Speaking of fantasy, HBO’s Game of Thrones is the pinnacle of fantasy and action. Based on a book series, Game of Thrones follows five kingdoms as they struggle for power. The show combines fantasy, political intrigue, and a great cast on a weekly basis. The casting director Nina Gold is brilliant and her other show Rome will clue you in on just how potent the ensemble cast of Game of Thrones is. The best part of the show is that nobody is safe. Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall, and kingdoms rise again. You will be on the edge of your seat rooting for your favorite kingdom and hoping their citizens live to see another day.

Cinemax’s Banshee has a great cast like Game of Thrones and is from Alan Ball, the creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood. Banshee is about a jewel thief who seeks refuge in Amish country after one of his heists goes bad. It is a show full of action including MMA style fights and flashy gunfights. At it’s heart though, it is a show about community and fighting for the ones you love. In that way, it shares many elements in common with Game of Thrones.

The Leftovers and True Detective take a more mysterious approach to TV storytelling. HBO’s The Leftovers follows people living in a small town shortly after a significant portion of the world population has just up and vanished. It is a great show which has so many odd little characters including a group of people who wear white coats and refuse to speak, a man that may or may not exist that hunts rabid dogs, and a policeman who seems to be having blackouts. It really is a mystery that revolves around figuring out what exactly is going on. The show uses flashbacks, and dream sequences to effectively tell its compelling story. As far as mysteries go, HBO’s True Detective is a sure fire thrill ride. Two detectives recount a story about a deranged killer over a period of several years. The story takes place during two time periods and jumps back and forth between the present and the past. The storytelling device was so effective that so many new shows are using a similar device such as The Affair, and The Missing. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey give stand out performances in this taut thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

There are so many shows on TV today that it can be hard to choose. There is no need to wade through bad shows when there are five excellent shows to watch. Grab some popcorn, and sit down to watch Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, Banshee, and True Detective. You won’t regret it.