Celebrities rarely talk about their plastic surgery procedures in the public because they want fans to think of them as natural beauties. Regardless if they want people to know or not, the truth usually reveals itself. Read on to find out which celebrities had the best plastic surgery procedures.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedJennifer Aniston

Though Jennifer Aniston frequently denies plastic surgery rumors, there’s no denying that doctors did work on her nose. The actress had a wider bridge and larger nostrils when she first started out than she does now. Given that she starred on a hit television shows and a number of films over the years, it’s clear the surgery worked.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedDemi Moore

Demi Moore reportedly spent more than $50,000 on plastic surgery to get her body back in shape for big screen roles. She supposedly had a calf implants, liposuction and several other procedures. Though her career took a nose dive in recent years, she looks as good as a woman half her age.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedLacey Schwimmer

After competing on So You Think You Can Dance, Lacey Schwimmer unveiled a new look while on Dancing with the Stars. The professional dancer went from a small B cup to a natural-looking D cup. If you appreciate the look, can find similar procedures for breast augmentation in Utah and around the US.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedMegan Fox

Love her or hate her, Megan Fox has a hot career thanks to her roles in the Transformers series. She also had a few plastic surgery procedures along the way, which pumped up her lips, reduced the size of her nose and turned her into one of the most beautiful women in the world.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedBrandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville went from a stay-at-home mom and wife of a celebrity to a celebrity in her own right with a role on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The reality star admits that she had Botox in the past, and the procedure left her looking healthy and beautiful.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedBristol Palin

Though Bristol Palin admits to plastic surgery, she claims that she went under the knife for medical reasons. Regardless of the reason for the jaw surgery, she looks better than ever.

7 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery WorkedHilary Duff

Hilary Duff went from girl next door to glamorous in just a few short years, and along the way she had at least one surgery to even out her nose. That surgery only helped her look more glamorous.

Life in the entertainment industry continues to change with the advances in medical science. Though cosmetic surgery may seem taboo, these celebrities pulled it off in style.