It’s quite rare to hear the words panty girdle or girdle come up in a conversation in the modern society. Most people refer to it as shapewear but the old-fashioned girdle always comes in handy. Girdles have been worn for many years and in the earlier years, they were a must-have for every woman’s closet. If you’re thinking about diving into the old ways, here is a complete guide to girdles to help you understand why they were popular and how you can purchase your first one today.

A Girl's Guide To Shape Wear Girdles

The History of Girdles

The word girdle can be traced back to the ceremonial belt usually worn by members of the clergy or priests with a cassock. A male wearing a girdle symbolized his readiness and preparation to serve while women wore it as a sign of protection and chastity. In the 20th century, a girdle refers to an undergarment worn by women which are made of elastic fabric. It was a form-fitting garment which covered the lower torso, hips and also the thighs. It actually replaced the corset since it quickly became accepted as the perfect choice for slimming since it was comfortable and flexible.

Additionally, it became widely accepted as the best underwear for women during that time. With time, it was replaced with the pantyhose among other undergarments in use in the 60’s but they didn’t clear out of the market entirely. There are many women who prefer girdles when trying to shape their bodies and in the 90’s they became quite popular as shapewear. Here’s what you need to know about girdles and how you can choose the first one for your needs.

• Look for Control Without Constriction

There are many people who believe that in order to work a girdle needs to be constricting for it to work. Note that if it the garment fits perfectly, there are no bulges, pinching or gaps anywhere. Also, it will not move around when you’re moving or ride up and will not create the muffin top that everyone hates. Therefore, if you wear a tight one, it will cause bulges thus defeating the entire purpose of wearing one. Choose a girdle that fits snugly because it might feel a bit tight when you wear it the first time but shouldn’t cause any distortion or discomfort. When wearing it, you should be able to walk, sit and breathe deeply without any challenges.

• Consider High Waistlines

Currently, there are many girdles in different sizes and shapes that also come in varying styles. You might have a hard time choosing a good one for your needs. If you’re looking to recreate a perfectly smooth line from your chest all the way to the hips, you can always rely on one thing and that’s a high waist girdle. “It will begin under the bra line thus making your hips and stomach smooth and ends like a simple pair of shorts or knickers,” advises a fashion guru from Elle Courbee. They are more preferred to the mid waist options since they completely avoid the muffin top situation but create a sleek silhouette starting from the top to the bottom. Even better, you can always find one which hooks onto your bra to provide the best security.

• Cotton Blend Girdles

In the Summer, most of the girdles in the market are made up of spandex and nylon making them perfect for support and control. One disadvantage is that these materials don’t ventilate properly because they are synthetic. They work perfectly for the cold months when you’re looking to retain body heat but tend to be uncomfortable in the hotter months. On these months, you should consider shapewear made out of cooler material such as cotton-blend allowing proper ventilation and providing the best support.

If you’re looking for a good way to retain your figure, you can always count on girdles just like many other women around the world. Try these tips and find out the best way to maintain your figure and avoid having a muffin top any day of the year.