Celebrity speakers are the best way to fill in some time at an event and entertain your audience. There are keynote speakers can be used to offer a speech before or after a dinner party or at a conference to encourage your colleagues and point them in the right direction. A good keynote speaker sets the tone of the event and helps to get your audience focused on the subject or the matter at your hand.

If you are finding it tough to decide on a keynote speaker for your event, there are many motivational feature speakers bureau offered to help you. A quick search in search engines can reveal a listing of speaker bureaus from different countries and cities everywhere of the world. Some speaker bureaus have their niche in a specific area like Olympic athletes or women motivational speakers for instance.


The more general the keynote speaker, the more general the result you will get. If you have got an outsized audience and need to encourage them to embrace a subject like re-engineering or try to targeting a new market like the e-Business then the generalist can work the best for you. But never use a generalist if there is a particular action for what you need the audience to take the charge, may be when you need them to shop for your product.

There are consultants who will discuss with a meeting on a particular subject like sales and once again a professional motivational speaker bureau will help you with this.


Celebrities have a great effect on audiences; may be a well known celebrity is more costly but they are sure to bring a much bigger impact to your event.

The Following Celebrities Are Often Being Hired For This Type Of Event:

  • Lord Alan Sugar
  • Piers Morgan
  • Joe Simpson
  • Derek Redmond
  • James Cracknell
  • Michael Acton Smith

Celebrity motivational speaker’s salaries range something between 2,000 to 100,000 pounds per hour counting on who you decide on. However, celebrity guest speakers like Jimmy Carr may demand few more bucks. A well known speaker bureau can have the contacts necessary to rearrange a celebrity motivational speaker for your event.

Whichever kind of keynote speakers you choose; there is help out there to help you. You need to think about your budget and type of speaker required before you make any inquiries, this can help the process to run smoothly and can take less time to arrange.

Motivational speaker bureaus make the method of choosing and booking keynote speakers trouble free. Most bureaus receive their payment from the speaker’s fee and do not need you to pay out of pocket for their services. Payment is only received when you book a speaker they have recommended. This can save you quite an amount of your time and cash and that is why several businesses choose to deal with speaker bureaus for their speaking requirement.

The method basically served as a business partnership where they do the analysis and work for your company. Their main goal is to find the best suited speaker for the event. You can obviously spend on hiring celebrities to speak at your event.  Not only can they help to find speakers, but also they have the power to help with content organization, personality qualities, and also the manner in which the content is presented. Meeting the events needs and your budget are the most objectives of any bureau.