Last night, American Idol had it’s billionth season premiere (seriously, it has to be somewhere around there by now – I remember watching the show when I wasn’t even old enough to audition, and now I’m pretty sure I’d be too old to give it a shot. You know, if I were American), and it was their worst one to date. So what happened? Here’s what I think:

1. The show has been Running Forever

While this works for some shows (think CSI – I’m pretty sure they’re on their billionth season too), one where people compete for chance to record a record that probably won’t even sell is starting to get a little old.

2. For the most Part, this Genre is Dead

Remember Making the Band and all those other music shows? I barely do either. At least Diddy knew when to get out.

American Idol Has Worst Premiere Yet

3. Or it’s Expanded

Think X-factor. Who cares if you can sing? Can you do it while you dance and spin a plate on top of your head? No? Then why would I be interested in you?

4. There isn’t a Single Original Judge Left

When the show started, I think the reason half of us watched was to see just how drunk Paula was that week, how many times Randy was going to use the word “dawg”, or how close Simon would come to making someone cry. With all of those factors gone and the new “nice” spin they’re trying to put on the show, who wants to watch that boring mess? Certainly not me.

5. Ryan Seacrest is Annoying

Not that he wasn’t annoying when the show first started, but at least we had the comic value of the rest of the show to deter us from just how annoying he was. Now, it’s like in your face annoying.

6. There are Better things to Watch on TV

Back when the show first started, it was really the only thing to watch on the night’s it aired. Now, there are much better choices. And hey, if you can’t find anything on TV that you’d like to watch, you can always stream something on Netflix or some other site.

So basically, what I’m saying is that the time has passed. and AI needs to just give up already and get off the air.

Were you watching the premiere last night or did you have better things to do? Do you think the show should give it up already? Let us know what you think in the comments!