Some fashion trends come and go, whilst others influence style and culture decade after decade. Any long-standing fashion statement needs three things, to be bold, brilliant, and above all carry true grit.

The leather biker jacket has everything it needs to stand the test of time. It’s most certainly bold, black all over from cuff to collar. It’s brilliant, proven by the sheer stature of the shoulders it has graced over the years. Finally, it carries true grit. The proof? It’s worn by people who travel at a hundred miles per hour on two wheels.

Paying tribute to this legend of the fashion industry is no easy task, but nonetheless, here are some of the most iconic leather jackets ever worn by man.

The Wild One

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

Carrying the responsibility of Hollywood’s first go at biker culture, Marlon Brando’s gang leader Johnny Strabler comes into California, and a world of hell, without ever leaving his leather jacket behind him.

Brando woke the world up to bikers, whilst making a name for the leather jacket that rings out strong to this day.

The Rebel

James Dean spoke for an entire generation, and the jacket over his shoulders never carried as much weight as it did during his starring role in 1955’s ‘A Rebel Without a Cause’.

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

The iconic red leather jacket stays with Jim Stark (Dean) through every switch-blade toting encounter, all the way to the grizzly end, making for a true icon in Hollywood as well as the fashion industry.

The Boss

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

Born in the U.S.A, Bruce Springsteen’s penchant for the leather jacket has stayed with him all the way, and is as big a part of his legend as any.

Citing other leather fans such as Bob Dylan and the king of rock n’ roll himself as influences, Springsteen was surely fated to become an icon of the biker jacket.

The King of Pop

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

An iconic jacket for music’s all-time icon. Jackson’s leather made headlines and history together with his 1983 hit ‘Thriller’, one of the biggest selling singles and albums of all time.

The bright design of MJ’s leather was almost as startling as his zombie get-up, and remains as one of fashion’s most iconic pieces.

The Terminator

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

This is one biker you don’t want to mess with. Austrian Mr. Olympia turned Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger travelled through time to execute John Connor, but not before acquiring himself an XXL black leather biker jacket.

Nobody quite knows how Arnie’s jacket survived the 1984 classic’s 108 minute running time, but one thing’s for sure, it won’t be forgotten any time soon.

The Dark Knight

Everybody’s familiar with the costume Gotham’s favourite superhero dons when he goes out at night to vanquish evil, but what does Bruce Wayne wear to get to work?

An Icon Through Time: The Leather Biker Jacket

In Christopher Nolan’s 2008 blockbuster hit, Christian Bale dons a super bike in what is now one of Hollywood’s most famous leather numbers. This brown leather bomber jacket may not come with a utility belt, but it definitely looks the part.

With stars of this calibre sporting leather designs throughout the decades, there’s no wonder the biker jacket has become the stuff of legend. With an in-your-face motto backed up by by the toughest material in the fashion industry, this is an icon that will surely stand the test of time.

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