The new iOS from Apple for iPhone and iPad is pretty interesting. Here we are talking about the most recent update of iOS 8.

There are several changes in the new iOS. The most important change was the appearance of the widget and the ability to customize the information that is contained in the first tab of the Notification Center. As for the standard widgets, users can see an overview of the current and the next day, the situation on the roads, calendar, reminders and promotions. What will emerge from the third-party programs in the upper curtain depends on the developers. They will be able to expand at the expense of the functionality of the application and whether it is claimed, will know in a few months.

Control Center

Lower shutter screen, unlike its opposite, the new features are not received. But little has replaced the familiar design. Now the sliders on the panel marked with a darker background, making the layout more structured and understandable. In addition, the modernization has undergone icons in Control Center.

Apple iOS 8: The New Changes And Features


Before the release of iOS 8 Spotlight responsibilities included search of applications and content for smartphones and tablets. Now add to this request in Wikipedia, news and based on your current location. Forces can be built-in search engine will follow the current events, the results of matches. Additionally, Spotlight learned to offer answers to requests from virtual stores iBooks Store, App Store and iTunes Store. The most “intelligent” search is available in the United States, while the rest of the world will have to settle for a stripped-down version.

Multitasking Bar

Direct obligation of the multi-tasking as well as its design compared to iOS 7 has not changed. The exception only enhanced functionality, namely, now above thumbnails application icons arranged contacts with which the user has recently communicated. Apparently, Apple’s designers would usefully spend free space, but nothing like the dubious logic of access to the latest running applications and dialed could not come up.


IBooks application for reading electronic books in iOS 8 was system. As a consequence, in its sole discretion to delete it and download from the App Store will not work. Users will now have to constantly see on the home screen “extra” icon. On the one hand it’s not bad for the promotion of corporate store books, but may not appeal to those who prefer a virtual library of third-party developers.


In the corporate e-mail client for labels or markings unread messages is used to swipe the letter. In addition, there is an alternative multi-mode when users during the drafting of the letter can work with other messages. To do this, whisk down the window and enjoy a draft e-mail client as usual. As soon as the need to get back to work on the text, you can return the letter initiated by pressing the string to the bottom of the screen.

The changes in iOS 8 are interesting but not something new, so users of Apple mobile devices are expecting something bigger from iOS 9.