Despite what the wild rumors are telling us, and despite what you may think you “discovered” this morning, turns out that the music star did not create a Twitter account today.

Here’s the back story:

Around ten o clock this morning (Eastern time), the Twitter handle @BobDylanTweets was created. The first two tweets on the account were written as follows:

“My First Tweet. Hi! Bob.”

“Joining Twitter today. First time.”

Now, even though the account wasn’t verified, and we should all really know better; the account racked up over 5000 followers almost instantaneously and became huge buzz all over social networking feeds everywhere. The following just continued to get bigger and bigger. The account has since been brought to the attention of the wonderful people at Twitter, and has now been suspended. If you want to know what’s going on with Mr. Dylan, you can still follow the official promotional handle he has here.

Come on, people!

Sometimes, I like to think I give people the credit they deserve. The internet has been pretty popular for awhile now, and the majority of people should definitely have the hang of it my now – The basics, anyway.

You know the ones:

  • Don’t give out your credit card information to anyone in an e-mail unless you know it’s legit,
  • Don’t post pictures online that you wouldn’t want your mother/grandmother/spouse/present or future employer to see because chances are that they probably will at some point, somehow,
  • If you choose to go the online dating route, do your best to make sure the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with is actually the person you think they are, and
  • If it’s not a verified Twitter account, it’s very unlikely that it’s the person you want it to be typing all those clever little 140 character texts.

“But how do you know it’s fake?”

There are always a few skeptics, amirite? Well, aside from the fact that the account has been suspended for being a fraud, a spokesperson for Dylan confirmed the news to, saying that the @BobDylanTweets account is “definitely fake”.

So what is he up to?

The musician just recently wrapped up this years continuance of the Never Ending Tour, which has been going since 1988. He also just released a super awesome interactive video for his hit “Like a Rolling Stone”.


Were you one of the people that fell for the bogus account this morning? Let us know in the comments!