Your winter wedding can be held anywhere, including a warm location or in the mountains with a picturesque snowy background. One could only imagine their white dress perfectly blended with splashes of red and silver, the gleam of a cobalt wedding band and the sparkling diamonds mixed with icicles. It kind of sets the scene for a Snow White wedding fantasy all that will be missing is the seven dwarfs.

Many celebrities have done this successfully, and you can indulge your guests in a red carpet experience as well during the cold winter months by whisking them away somewhere warm. Everyonewill want to attend your destination wedding if it is at a resort location with comfortable and affordable accommodations. You may have friends and family with you on your honeymoon, but they will enjoy the destination’s many activities.

Celebrity Approved Winter Wedding Destinations

Tropical Destinations

The list of romantic tropical destinations starts with Hawaii and moves on to Mexico, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and other Caribbean isles. Many celebs like GwenythPaltrow (married in Cabo San Lucas), Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green (married in Hawaii), and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck (married in theTurks and Caicos) have taken advantage of tropical destinations. Although you may not foot the bill for your guests like they probably did, guests would still not mind paying their part and making their own vacation out of your wedding.

Get married in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgins and honeymoon on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgins. The weather will be warm and the water is a clear Caribbean blue in the winter. Hotels in both the U.S. and British Virgins have facilities for weddings with complete catering services.

The all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica can arrange for a wedding and honeymoon. These couples resorts welcome guests that arrange to stay there with the most optimum service while providing great access to the beaches of Jamaica.

The magnificent Atlantis in the Bahamas is just a short flight from Miami and a romantic destination for a wedding. Your friends can come for a day but they will probably want to stay and enjoy the hotel’s many offerings.

Getting married in a foreign country is not difficult. The resort hotel will make the arrangements for you as long as they have a copy of your passport.

Take a Cruise

Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises and other cruise lines will arrange an on board wedding for you during a Caribbean or Mexican Riviera cruise. The cruise lines have wedding packages for just the bride and groom and six other people or for a group of 20. The packages include flowers, food and entertainment.

The ships will also arrange a wedding for you at one of their stops on the itinerary. Either way, this is a wonderful opportunity for a romantic cruising wedding and honeymoon in a warm location.

Mountain Resorts

If you and your intended are avid skiers, why not get married at a ski resort? This is definitely a unique experience as very few celebrities have explored this option. If you dare to be different you can be married in a warm hotel or even on the slopes if everyone doesn’t mind the cold. Resorts fromAspen to Whistler have luxury hotels with catering and event planners who make all of the arrangements.

Aspen’s historic Hotel Jerome has a ballroom for a romantic wedding. The bride can even arrange to arrive in a sleigh. The honeymoon suite is luxurious and transportation is provided to the Aspen ski lifts.

The Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont is a lovely venue for a winter wedding in a romantic New England setting.

These resorts have wedding planners to take care of every requirement for a perfect ceremony and reception. Check out these dream ski resorts and plan a wedding and a honeymoon if they fit what you need.

Desert lovers will enjoy a wedding and honeymoon in Palm Springs or Palm Desert where golf, tennis and spa treatments are a way of life. Throw in shopping as well.

These are just a few ideas for destination weddings in the winter that are celebrity approved. The possibilities are endless so have fun deciding where you want to go.