Turkey is largely famous for a number of its markets that are considered as some of the most amazing places to visit while in Turkey. There are to a certain extent a number of markets where you can stop and find a range of commodities such as jewelries, clothes, spices, electronics and many more. Here are a number of markets found in various Turkish towns.

  The Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi). Being the world’s largest and oldest closed market, thousands of visitors flock Grand Bazaar for a range of products such as jewelries, textiles and spices. It has been among Turkey’s top attractions. If you are planning to pay a business visit to Turkey, especially Istanbul, Grand Bazaar should top the list of must-visit markets.

Kanyon. Opened in June 2006, Kanyon is a 4-storey shopping mall found at the core of Levent, along Buyukdere Avenue No. 185. It is occupying an area of 37,000 sq. meters with about 160 shops. Kanyon is among Turkey’s most visited malls because of its fabulous dining places, manufacturers, bars, film halls, sport clubs and a health club. Additionally, the facility has a parking lot with a capacity of about 23,000 vehicles. In December 2006, it won the Cityscape Architectural Review Award because of its eye-catching design.

Akmerkez. Akmerkez is found in Istanbul’s Etiler area. It was opened on December of 1993. Akmerkez is a four-story mall that has over 250 shops and covers about 200,000 sq. meters. The shops deal in a number of products such as stylish clothing, textiles, sports wares, toys, restaurants and other services which are numerous. It can be accessed through the roads surrounding it, thanks to the free transport offer from the management; this has helped a lot in attracting shoppers. It has a total of 41 escalators, 30 elevators and 2 panoramic elevators to service its huge population and for easy access to its floors.

East End Street Hunt: Best Markets In Turkey

The City’s. It is situated in Ni?anta?? and it has a combination of structures of Turkey’s traditional design as well as the modern ones. The City’s has been referred to as a Life Style Center due to its ideas such as 24-hour operating shops, eateries, bars and a vast parking to cater for its high population.

Bagdat Caddesi. This is situated at the Anatolian sides of the city. It was designed in 1870’s and runs approximately 14 km from Maltepe to Kadikoy areas. It is specially known for its eye catching wood-made historical chalet estates that have been there since it was established.

Galleria. The Galleria is situated along the beach of Attakai, the suburban parts of the beach. It is a mastermind of the social evolution that was experienced in Turkey in the early 90’s. It offers a range of products and services.

Forum Istanbul. While in Istanbul, this is the place to visit for everything that you may need. Forum Istanbul is a modern shopping mall that was opened in 2013. It is situated on tremendous 455 sq. meters piece of land. It has a 7 sq. meter fish tank known as Turkuazoo. Additionally, it has Miracle Ice which is the first artificial ice park in the area.

Istanbul Handicrafts Center. When in Blue Mosque area of Istanbul, this is the first place to visit as it is filled with ceramic, handcrafted gift items, hand painted silks among other locally made handcrafts that are so appealing. With a valid copy of Turkey visa, visit to these markets has been greatly eased. So apply for a Turkey visa, take a flight to Turkey where you will have a first-hand experience of its amazing markets.