2014 has seen the rise of trends to suit all sizes and shapes. But for larger ladies and gentlemen, choosing what to wear to flatter body size is a hard job!

Monotone- black and white block color, which if carefully teamed can make a silhouette more flattering.

Global print patterns in cool cottons work well for both men and women and can flatter any size. Buy the next size up in shorts or trousers to accommodate the derrière and ensure comfort. If the waist is too large, get it taken in by a tailor.

A good tailored jacket can reduce the appearance of size on both men and women- make sure the shoulders and arms fit and the jacket can be done up with no wrinkles in the arms or across the buttons. Try and avoid pockets especially on the chest, as this will make the area seem bigger.

Likewise for jeans and trousers- avoid anything that draws attention to your butt or gut.

2014 saw the blossoming of the floral pattern that is wearable for both men and women and can detract from problematic areas. A pattern on the bottom half can reduce the appearance of larger hips for example. The same is true for men who wear a patterned shirt.

Fashion Trends Inspired By Plus Size Celebrities

The plus size fashion market is booming thanks to celebrities such as Octavia, Adele and Oprah. These plus size celebrities aresetting fashions trends, inspiring women of all ages and sizes to wear more beautiful and flattering clothes for their size.Fashion designers such as Liz Claiborne are using plus size modeling to model their lines of clothing. So while the New York Fashion runways are still full of size zero models, at least reality is hitting the sidewalk. You can find plus size selections all over the high street.

One thing we all need to be mindful of is our underwear and it doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is if your underwear lets you down.

Buy the Dress and then Buy New Underwear

Ladies- underwear should be seen as important as the clothes that cover it. In fact it should be seen as scaffolding for the body, but don’t be put off by big girl lingerie. The market has come a long way from quadruple hooked bras and sexless Bridget Jones panties. A good bra can make a girl lose 10lbs just by placing her assets in the right area. Think the middle part of your upper arm- in between your elbow and shoulder. Big girl lingerie is now just as pretty, diverse and sexy as their smaller friends. A well fitting bra reduces the bulge on backs and cleavage instantly making you appear to be smaller.

Most department stores have a good selection of tummy-holding panties. The secret panel at the front is often disguised under a layer of leopard print, sultry silk or lucky lace, larger ladies can enjoy all the benefits of sexy, plus sized underwear.