Hitting at least one of this year’s music festivals is on everyone’s to-do list, but making sure you do it in style, seems to be another thing. There are the ticket grabs, the planning, the packing and the weather watching to think about. Unfortunately, this means for many, getting the look right doesn’t get a look in. However, there are some easy, comfortable and stylish staples you can plan with, no matter rain or shine.

Festival Outfit Ideas 2017

Mirrored sunglasses

A rock and roll staple since time began, mirrored sunglasses are perfect festival clobber. While you may look conceited if you sport them in a club, in the burning sunshine or even under overcast skies, they flatter most faces. And don’t forget, they’re perfect for the mornings after the nights before.

Practical shoes

If you can pack wellies, trainers and flip flops and still lift your rucksack, good for you. Otherwise, consider investing in a good pair of leather boots or Chelsea boots. They work with everything and if it gets too hot, take them off and go barefooted. Just buy them well in advance to break them in and don’t forget your socks.

Festival Outfit Ideas 2017

Smart shirts

Gone are the days when every man on the field wore a genuine vintage concert t-shirt. These days it’s more likely to be mens Farah shirts, plain black t-shirts, print shirts and cheese cloth button ups. Check out what’s currently on trend at a company such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah and work a look you can wear off the field as well as on.

Day bag

Your day bag is your mini backpack that you can load up with everything you need. No one wants to be going back and forth to their tent all the time, and stuffing your pockets with phones, water bottles and rolls of toilet paper isn’t a good look either. Look for grey, brown and muted colours to avoid looking like a 90’s throwback and makes sure you can lock it for security (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1023675/Festival-dos-donts-survive-festival-season.html).

Stay true

Most importantly, the style you bring to the festival field should reflect your everyday style, just adapted to the situation. It should be more comfortable, more practical, but more camera ready too. Avoid channelling a new hippy, boho or rock god style if it’s not your usual thing and leave the fancy dress at home.