The anticipation of attending a prom is something that most imminent school leavers experience. The prom has become a pivotal part of young people moving on to another phase of their lives, so let’s take a look at some top tips for choosing the right dress to ensure the event matches up to all expectations.

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A hand to hold

It is worth remembering that most shops require an adult to be present when it comes to shopping for prom dresses. Lots of girls want their mum to be present, while others choose their dad. It is also worth discussing who is going to be paying for it! In some families, buying a prom dress is a real occasion and the whole family is involved, from grandparents to cousins. Some girls also like to bring along a best friend, as they value the opinion of their peers. Our advice is to keep the number of people attending manageable!

Free your mind

With the constancy of the internet and social media, it is easy for young girls to get sucked into endless online hunting for ‘the one’. Our advice is to encourage shoppers to keep an open mind. There is nothing more disappointing than being fixated on a particular style and design, trying it on and just knowing that it does not work. Visiting shops – where the assistants and managers have a wealth of experience – can be a much safer bet than ordering a dress online worn by a celebrity or top model.

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All about the timing

Start early! If you leave it until the week of the prom, the chances of bagging that dream dress are much more limited. Collections start arriving in stores as early as October, with shopping in earnest kicking off in January. Check out fashion brands such as for the latest designs.

Look the part

It is best to begin your shopping wearing your hair as you plan to on the big night. If you have already decided on your shoes, take them with you to make sure the dress falls right and matches your footwear.

Take charge

You will know when you have found the dress for you. Don’t be put off by other peoples’ opinions – when you have found your dress, don’t keep looking. Oh, and be fabulous!