For all it seems, the premium production house of Disney is undergoing a certain important change in the representation of princesses. Disney princesses have always been magical, fairytale ethereal beauties. In fact, most stories just revolved around a prince charming rescuing a princess in distress. This gave dreams to little girls all over the world who grew up on the magical reality of the stories. However, the nature of the stories also imposed certain limitations on the princesses. Little ones, inspired by the films, got the idea that princesses only have to wish upon a lucky star and wait for the prince charming to arrive.

However, since reality has complicated ways, this approach did not necessarily inspire courage. There was always that sense of dependence.  However, Disney is apparently changing under a spell. This creative spell is shifting the patterns of understanding the lives of princesses. So, there is Mulan who is a fighter. Princess Merida in ‘Brave’ is an archer by herself and she holds no favors with the set patriarchal ideas of marriage and ladyship. The spell continues in Disney’s latest dream ‘Frozen’, where you meet sisters Anna and Elsa.

They are the princesses of Arendelle. Elsa is the elder sister and she possesses the magical powers to create ice and snow out of thin air. As little girls, they like to play in the snow, creating castles out of thin air. However, Anna hurts herself once in an accident. So, Elsa decides to rein in her powers, and starts keeping a distance from her beloved sister. Years later, she becomes the queen of the land. However, as the events ensued, Elsa once again accidentally misuses her magical powers and the kingdom immediately plunges into a perpetual winter. However,  Elsa is not a hurtful and repressive queen! She just cannot control her magic! The story progresses on how to disperse the spell and return the kingdom to springs.

Prince Hans from a neighboring kingdom and ice delivery man, Kristoff enters into the story. However, the storyline does not involve much of the prince charming stuff. The key focus here is in exploring the dynamics of the relationships between Elsa and Anna. There are many layers in the story. So, Elsa, unable to control her powers and feeling the guilt of causing trouble, wants to leave all behind. Many misunderstand her as an evil queen and attacks her even. Her sister Anna always maintains a certain respectable distance, but never distrusts the inherent goodness in Elsa’s heart.

The men do provide some romantic escapades, but Anna calls in the shots. The men do not have any problems with that either. Nor are they submissive and weak! They are just friends helping each other in lifting the spell of coldness. There is no villain in here! The movie essentially revolves around the determination, courage, and hopefulness of Anna. She guides the kingdom through the distress without assuming any power or conflict. The music is also strangely beautiful. The surprise ending would surely see you fall in love with the new generation of Disney princesses.