A study by Research Company GfK, in 2013, is being used by industry analysts to highlight the rising disillusionment with cable TV and internet providers. The report shows that most households are opting out of subscription TV for various reasons including poor service, dropped calls, and escalating costs. Most likely you are also part of these complaining customers which calls for another look at what other alternatives exist in the market.

Getting The Most With Bundled Entertainment Packages

The Uniqueness of Bundling Services

One of the best things about TV, phone and internet providers in modern day society is that they can offer all these services together as a package. Instead of choosing from multiple services on their catalogue, you can choose one ingeniously packaged bundle to enjoy internet, cable TV and home phone service from the same company.

One of the best examples in the industry is of course Charter Communications triple play from Charter. The unique service has three options of bundled packages each with television channels, different internet speeds and home services. They are listed as:

1.     Triple Play Select

This comes with 125 channels with free HD Plus and Free DVR service. The channels range from CNN, ESPN, among many other channels. In the same bundle, you have 60Mbps internet and unlimited nationwide calling service. You also enjoy free online protection, a free modem and on-the-go home phone management.

2.     Triple Play Silver

With this bundled service, you will enjoy 124 plus channels such as HBO and NFL, access to up to 10,000 on demand shows and movies, live TV streaming and favorite TV apps. For the internet service, you will enjoy incredible speeds of 60Mbps with free online protection and a modem, among other features.

This triple play package offers a home phone service with unlimited local and long distance calls in the U.S, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. The phone service has myriad features such as call blocking for unwanted calls, among others. You will also be able to manage your phone service on the go which is ideal if you are a regular traveler.

3.     Triple Play Gold

This is the crème de la crème of the Triple Pay service with over 200 channels to choose from including TMC, CINEMAX, HBO, and NFL, among others. What’s more, you have access to 10,000 on-demand HD and 3D movies, TV streaming and access to the best TV apps for easy access.

For internet, the speeds are amazing at 60 Mbps and the package comes with free online protection and a modem in addition to free access to the entire EPIX internet content.

The phone service allows you to make unlimited local and long distance calls within the U.S, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. There are no hidden charges like with phone companies and with your home phone service comes with amazing features such as simultaneous ring and block unwanted callers. You also get the ability to manage your phone from anywhere which is a perfect choice especially when on the go.

With the issue of billing still a big concern, according to records by Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it is important to make life easier through bundling. Not only do you save money, it also becomes easier to pay one single bill to your provider.