There are many things that can make a man look attractive amongst women, some being skin complexion, well aligned jaws, great physique or even a good salary. Some women claim that they are only interested in men who can help them ascend the social and economical ladders, while some opt for great performers when it comes to bedroom affairs. However, there are certain physical aspects of men that can make women feel strongly attracted, including thick and long eyelashes, well-kept hair, clean-shaved beard and soft kissable lips just to mention a few.

Here are some of the ways you can be an attractive guy among women:

1.     Show Passion

Majority of women are drawn to men who openly exhibit passion in their lives. Majority of people are accustomed to simple routines of waking up, eating, reporting to work, eating again and going to sleep. Men with passion are self-driven with a purpose in life. They live for something they care with a lot of intensity which keeps pushing and inspiring them. People with passion are often interesting and have confidence because they appreciate what they are passionate about.

2.     Improve Physical Attraction

Your physical appearance speaks much about you, including overall health, lifestyle habits, confidence levels etc. Your face tells even more; for instance, women prefer men with long and thick eyelashes, which signal their efforts in taking good care of their skin and hair.

Here are some few tips to grow those attractive eyelashes that keep women’s hearts racing:

  • Hydrolyze: This is a hair treatment product that comes with anti-aging ingredients that are specially formulated to address aging signs in areas surrounding your eyes. It helps in diminishing dark circles and bags that you usually spot in the morning every time you stare in the mirror. Hydrolyze is also loaded with natural agents that fight wrinkles, fine lines and bags for a youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated look. Unlike the expensive and invasive surgical treatments, Hydrolyze is cheap, risk-free and easy to use, with noticeable benefits surfacing within a few weeks of regular use.
  • Try home remedies for eyelash growth: There are plenty of homemade remedies that can promote eyelash growth, including castor oil, olive oil, aloe vera and lemon peels. These natural treatments are easy to prepare and apply conveniently at the comfort of your home. You will notice a lot of improvements in less than 2 months of regular use.
  • Other routines you can adopt to enhance your eyelash growth include brushing your eyelashes and getting eyelid massages on a regular basis. You can visit a salon every week to get expert work on your eyelashes, beard and other facial hairs to enhance your overall look.

3.     Cultivate Confidence

Women find men who exhibit confidence as very attractive. It’s a universal fact that confidence is an attractive trait for both men and women. However, the biggest challenge comes in with the way many men mistake obliviousness and arrogance with confidence. Being confident is an indicator that you believe in yourself. It’s a sign that that you recognize what you are worth or capable of achieving, even in front of people who belittle or demean you. It’s being aware that you are equal and capable of handling the challenges at hand with success if you apply the right efforts. Being confident means you know what you are worth and that you are willing to strive to achieve your goal without assuming that you simply deserve it by virtue of existing. You don’t have to cringe or whine on spotting the first sign of a trouble if you are a confident person. Instead, you face the challenge and push through it.

How Can You Be An Attractive Guy Amongst Women?

Special Tips To Be More Physically Attractive To Women

It’s worth noting that there is no need of being a fit, super suave looking playboy to appeal women. Instead, you should focus to appear as if you are putting some effort to your physical appearances because trying too hard may backfire and get you frustrated.

  • Adopt a style that defines you: Wearing fancy clothes randomly isn’t a solution, but your goal should mainly focus on the image you want to project. What do women see every time they look at you? Imagine your look from the perspective of a beautiful woman. Look for a style that reflects your uniqueness rather than one that makes you appear as an average guy. 
  • Get in good shape: Exercising regularly is a great way to ensure that you stay in good shape irrespective of whether you have a healthy weight. It’s the surest means to look and feel better. It’s also very crucial in getting rid of those extra pounds. 
  • Have your hair trimmed: Look for a good salon where you live to get your hair and beard well-trimmed. Go for a high quality haircut from a well trained and experienced hairstylist. He/she will identify the best haircuts that suit your face, and the job will be done the expert way. 
  • Improve your body language: Film yourself talking and take notes of habits like fidgeting, frowning, eye contact expressions you make etc. Make it your goal to master your body language by making necessary improvements. 
  • Groom properly: have your beard, nose hair and ear hair well-trimmed. Although there is nothing wrong with a beard, growing it wildly can be displeasing to some women. Also look for some skin care products like Hydrolyze to enhance the growth of thicker and longer eyelashes to give that attractive look on your face.


It’s every man’s quest to look attractive amongst women. This calls for the need to adopt skincare treatment routine to be performed on a regular basis for the results to remain constant. While a man’s face defines what women look for to feel attracted, taking good care of facial hairs is paramount in winning the heart of the lady you admire. You need to eliminate facial wrinkles, under eye bags, fine lines and other skin issues using inexpensive products like hydrolyze or through home remedies for eyelash growth. Stay attractive, and every beautiful woman will stick around you!