In a world, overrun by social media Playboy is selling its mansion and covering up the bunnies. Soon the Playboy magazine that so many boys grew into men with will sieze to exsit.

Playboy is now lending its prestigious name and reputation to the equally, though more recent cultural phenomenon of online casino gambling and specifically online slot machines. So read on to discover how Playboy became an online slot machine.

Launched in 1953, Playboy Magazine is one of the most popular cultural publications of the last century. Against the flow of a very conservative middle America, the magazine boasted the most beautiful centrefold pin-ups of their era, such as Marilyn Monroe who appeared on the cover of the maiden issue in December 1953.

How Playboy Became An Online Slot Machine

The legendary founder, the billionaire Hugh Hefner whose health is finally failing him at the ripe old age of 89 has given up on years of adrenaline fueled libido and sold his brand to online casinos and put the Playboy Mansion up for sale for the eye watering sum of $200 million. This makes it the most expensive piece of real estate on the continent of Northern America today.

Having decided to go non nude and with the upcoming TV series “American Playboy: The Hugh Heffner story” coming on air in 2016, any upcoming glamour model wishing to make it big will have to be willing to become a Playboy model for online slots. Hugh Heffner’s own son is against this decision to remove all nudity in the publication and is in litigation with his own father to this effect. Given this dismal state of affairs, it would appear that the only way for you to enjoy eye watering eye candy is to play casino games online.

Microgaming is the game developer who acquired the branding licence to create a Playboy video slot that was launched in 2013. Although the quality of the slot in the online casino world is not quite as exciting as they have been in the history of the magazine, you might “get lucky”, to quote Pharrell Williams on this 5 reel and 243 paylines slot. The return to player (RTP) is set at a generous 97%.

For the finale of what will be the last issue of Playboy magazine to feature nudes after 63 years in print, Pamela Anderson will be taking us back to those heady days of watching Baywatch by offering up her assets in the buff one last time!