The quality of a woman’s bra can either add to or take away from her overall appearance. The Genie Bra, available from the As Seen on TV Store at, provides outstanding support with a classic appearance that makes the clothing you wear everyday appear to fit better. Choosing the right one is easier than you think.

About the Genie Bra

Like the name implies, the Genie Bra was designed to provide the ultimate in lift and support while remaining comfortable and easy to wear. It won’t ride up, pinch, or poke you since there are no wires, hooks or adjustable straps. All you need to do is take it out of the package and pull it on much like a tank top or over-the-head shirt. It fits snugly enough to provide all of the support you need without feeling too tight or restricting. It can be washed and dried on normal cycles since it is made from durable spandex and nylon. It will always retain its shape – even years later!

How To Choose A Fashionable Genie Bra

Two Different Options

There are two different Genie Bra styles available for you to purchase, and these include:

  • The Traditional Bra. This one is pulled on over your head like a t-shirt and fits snugly. The wide straps provide comfort and support, and since there are no wires, you won’t have to worry about the bra moving around during the day. Its stay-put fit is as comfortable as it is practical.
  • The Zip-Up Bra. The creators of the bra know that not everyone is able to easily pull garments off and on over their heads, so they’ve created a Genie Zip that will allow you to put the bra on one arm at a time, much like a jacket, and then zip it up in the center of your chest. The seamless design makes it perfect for wearing under even your finest silk shirts!

Multiple Colors and Sizes

Depending on the style you select, the traditional or the zip-up, there are different colors and sizes available to you. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Traditional Genie Bra – When you order, you will be able to choose your size from Medium, Large, Extra Large, and even 2xl, 3xl and 4xl. These are provided in a pack of three for one low price, and you can choose all white, classic colors (black, beige and white), or three pastels that are feminine and beautiful.
  • The Zip-Up Bra – When you choose the zippered version, you’ll receive two bras. You can choose sizes ranging from Medium to 3xl, and colors include white, black and white, or pastels.

If you can’t decide on a Genie Bra style or color, the As Seen on TV Store makes them affordable enough that you can order several. You might opt to purchase the traditional bras in pastels and a package of zip bras in all white for the ultimate versatility. The manufacturer recommends that those who are a size C and above should order the next size up for the best fit possible.